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With Shyam Chetwani


The Ultimate One-On-One Personal Finance 

Breakthrough Session: 

Achieve Your Financial Freedom 

& Retire Rich Early 

When you join the Ultimate One On One Personal Finance Breakthrough Session

Here's How Would You Benefit From This Consultation

  • 60 Mints of Live Zoom Meeting: We will create your financial plan to help you achieve your short-term and long-term financial goals.
  • You can think and plan for your early retirement at the age of 30s, 40s, or 50s depending on your age and income.
  • Get your current personal finances audited by an expert
  • Gain insights into your portfolio for improvements
  • Secure corpus for important life goals & aspirations
  • Manage risk & liquidity
  • Know your exact financial worth
  • Learn how can you reduce your debt faster
  • Find out if you are investing right or not.
  • You will get professional advice that can change the future of your personal finances for the rest of your life.

And the best part? It's Completely FREE to join.

Hi, I'm Shyam Chetwani 

Shyam Chetwani is an entrepreneur, Investment trainer, speaker, and coach. He has achieved his financial freedom at the age of 36 and left his high-paying corporate job at TATA group. Now he is devoting all his time and energy to helping people manage their personal finances and retire rich early.

He is also SEBI Registered Mutual Fund Distributor, IRDA certified Insurance advisor & upcoming author.

What our Clients Say about this One-On-One Session

Jayanthi Jha - Instagram Influencer, Haryana 

Shridhar Radhakrishnan - Chennai

Karuna Sapkale - Mumbai

Vaibhav Shamrao - Maharastra

Shilpi Khandelwal - CEO, Tour de Force, Bangalore

Abhishek Daga - Founder, Coach Makers, Kolkata

Most working professionals and business owners make these common mistakes in their personal financial planning and management. 

  • Investing heavily in the instruments which gives returns equal to or less than inflation 
  • Mixing Life insurance with investment
  • Not fully leveraging the Power of Compounding
  • Not planning finances in line with the life goals
  • Not Maintaining a contingency fund

    Why Schedule a One-on-one financial session?

    There are different reasons why you may choose to book this one-on-one session. For example,

    you may be set to inherit a substantial sum of money from your parents. In that scenario, it could make sense to meet with a financial professional to get advice on how to manage your inheritance. 

    Or you may be planning to retire early and need advice on the best way to maximize your assets. I can help you create your retirement corpus, and establish a realistic retirement budget.

    Or if you want to plan your child marriage, child education, buying a car or home, and most importantly the regular cash flow for your retirement.

    A one-time meeting with a financial advisor can also be helpful if you simply want to get a professional opinion on your financial plan. For example, you might be in your 30s or 40s and wondering whether your current retirement savings rate is sufficient to reach your end goal. You could connect with a financial advisor and spend an hour discussing your current savings and investment strategy to determine if you’re on the right track.