3 Steps to a More Fearless You!

Are you ready to finally start putting your dreams before your fears?

Are you ready to stop people pleasing and start pleasing you?

Are you ready to wave goodbye to self doubt to make way for self confidence?

Are you ready to give up mediocrity and become extraordinary?

Are you ready to stop doing what the gurus tell you and start doing what's right for YOU instead?

Then read on. You're gonna love this!

'The ShyPreneur Guide' is a BRAND NEW  and totally transformational one full day programme for women who know deep down that they have the potential to create an amazing business & life for them and their nearest & dearest. BUT they lack self confidence, care too much about what other people 'might' think (yip, that's right - you're completely making it up), are constantly drowning in self doubt and who can't figure out why they keep putting off what they know they 'should' do to make their dreams their reality

Ok, so maybe you don't identify as shy and that's totally fine,  you don't have to to get value from The SyPreneur Guide. 

Maybe this sounds more like you instead:

  • The thought of speaking in public sends shivers down your spine;
  • You break out in a cold sweat when you have to network...with 'real' people;
  • You spend hours psyching yourself up to show up for your business on social media;
  • You hate asking for money (even though making money is the reason your business exists - that's even true for non-profits)
  • You wish you had more self confidence;
  • You're tired of constantly worrying about what other people think of you, your business & your ideas;
  • You feel trapped in a myriad of indecision because you don't trust yourself to make the right choices for your business;
  • The gurus and their 5th cousins twice removed are telling you that you need to show up this way, that way and 7 ways from Sunday but when you sit down to try, you freak out and procrastinate and wonder 'what is wrong with me?'
  • You want to start your own business and create something amazing but all of the above is keeping you trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of 'ok, I'm doing it.. no, no wait, hang on a minute, I can't do it'.

You hate this because you know there has to be an easier way! You don't want to feel anxious; you don't want to feel scared; you don't want to feel envious of those around you making it happen, you want to cheer them on instead; you don't want to constantly feel like having a business you love isn't possible for you; you don't want to put your dreams on hold any more! 


Ready to make the change; ready to give up that old image of yourself that is no longer serving you, ready to realise your own potential, ready to do the inner work that will transform how you show up for your business and ready to soar!

You want to feel:






Free to pursue your dreams your way!



About The ShyPreneur Guide

The ShyPreneur Guide is a one full day masterclass that will take place from 9.30am until 4.30pm on Wednesday 5th May via Zoom. It will be a transformational experience that will give you the tools and strategies to courageously go after your dream business and life. You'll:

  • Learn about the power of the self image in influencing everything you do;
  • Experience a belief change process;
  • Identify what hinders your progress & learn how to amplify what's already working for you;
  • Create a new self image script that will radically transform how you show up;
  • Discover your behavioural preferences & brainstorm business strategies that align with them;
  • Develop techniques for becoming 'fearless' with the big 5 (see day 3 below)
  • Complete the programme with a new found confidence in yourself and your ability to bring your business to life
  • Choose your dreams over your fears EVERYTIME!
  • Transform how you align your business activities with you, so everyone benefits!