Twelve-year-old Gracie Stratis can’t stand her father’s tedious archaeological digs. At an excavation in Scotland, she longs for something, anything, interesting to happen. And suddenly, adventure finds her. Someone has stolen the site’s prized Viking artifacts. The thieves add an extra dose of horror when they kidnap her four-year-old brother Russel. She finds herself all on her own. A kid learning about a cold world. Gracie sets off into the dark to return what’s been stolen and restore what she’s lost.

A.S.A. Durphy is the author of The Thing Speaks for Itself, A Wolf by the Ears, and A Still and Silent Sea. He writes noir fiction, and he's working on the next book in the Stratis Detective series. If you'd like to read an exclusive story, click the button below. We'll send you a free ebook copy of A Still and Silent Sea.