Simple SEO

Do you want to get your website seen by the people you want to do business with? 

Does the thought of tackling SEO on your website leave you cold?

Do you think it's too complicated and time-consuming and so completely ignore it?

If this sounds like you, I can help. Simple SEO does what it says on the tin. It is packed with tips, inspiration, advice, and chat about making SEO easy and using words brilliantly so that you get seen online by the people you want to do business with.

As a thank you for joining me, you'll receive a free download with 3 things you can do today to improve your SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means making sure your website is easily picked up by the likes of Google and Bing so that they show it to the right people. 

SEO can feel complicated and overwhelming but it doesn't have to be. I'll show you how to simplify it by making small changes that have a big impact.

The words you use on your website help with this. They matter. A lot. 

In some cases, what you sell will speak for itself and some people will buy just because of the product or service itself. But to be able to sell consistently to a wide audience, you need to utilise the power of words to help you build a relationship with your customer.

If you think of yourself as a customer. Are you more likely to spend your money on something from a website with engaging content that is easy to read and free from typos and spelling mistakes? Or one using poor grammar, littered with errors, long sentences, and paragraphs that cover half the page?

My guess is you’ll go with the former, no matter how good the product is from the latter.

Your customers need to have confidence in what you’re selling. Clear, accurate copy that connects them to you. Tells them what you’re about. Helps you to build a relationship with the people you’d like to buy your product or service. It helps you to build up their trust in you as someone who is selling something they need, and that it will do what you say it will.

Poor copy doesn’t help you do that. In fact, it can do the opposite.

Finding the right words to create your message can be difficult. And time-consuming.

Simple SEO will help you to feel less overwhelmed by giving you the tools to make your website shine bright and help your business grow.

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