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Simplify Your Time & Schedule

(for driven work from home Solo Coaches, Consultants, and Virtual Assistants)

By the end of this workshop you’ll:

  • Gain clarity and confidence
  • Know your priorities and boundaries
  • Know what tasks to say yes and no to
  • Reduce distractions and procrastination
  • Focus more on your income generating tasks

As a solo business owner, small business, or newly graduated with a side hustle, do you:

  • Have a lot you want to accomplish, but aren’t sure where to start?
  • Get distracted or tend to procrastinate?
  • Tend to say “yes” to what others want you to do, just to please them?
  • Wonder how you’ll get everything done?

One of the reasons you wanted to start your business was to set your own schedule, right?

But there is a process you need before that...

I have turned this value-centered goal-setting process I do with my clients into a Free 5-day Workshop with a private Facebook community for support and accountability.

This can be a personal and emotional process, so I want to give you a safe space for discussion.

We Start in...



Who the Workshop is for:

~ Ready to dive in and really get to know yourself around your values, priorities, and boundaries.

~ Have past trauma and you've come out the other side. You're a survivor, no THRIVER, but your priorities have changed so tasks don't align with your goals anymore or as well.

~An action-taker, dedicated to putting this time and effort into yourself and business, so you can create the a life of what matters most to you.

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What to expect


About the author

Meet your Time Management Coach, Jennifer Vaaler

Day 1

Time Audit

You'll start discovering where you time goes to gain back that time.

Day 2


Before you take the next steps to get where you're going, you must first reflect on where you've been.

Day 3

Self Awareness

Discover where your values and priorities need to be realigned.

Day 4


Based on what you discovered so far, where do you want to go from here?

Day 5

Put it all together + Next Steps

Create your ideal schedule

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About Jennifer

Hi. I’m Jennifer, your make it Happen Coach. I help action-driven people like you go from “What’s next?” to “I've got this!”  with a simplified schedule to gain back 10+hours each week.

What will you do with that extra time?