Join my Simply Declutter with A Neater Life Online Programme

For £89 per month you get all this support:

- A downloadable guide to get you started using my Simply Declutter method

- Access to exclusive monthly content to help you to tackle a different area of your home

- Weekly online one to one sessions with me (available Mondays 9am to 9pm) worth £165 per month

    You don’t have to go it alone

    Simply Declutter

    with A Neater Life

    This unique membership gives you;

    - Affordable online support

    - Personalised expert guidance

    - Crucial accountability.

      Work with me in a safe, private and supportive online space for as long as you need the extra help.
      In our 1 to 1 sessions we’ll create a plan tailored to your needs and goals.

      At last you will be able to stay motivated and enjoy a calmer, more organised life where everyday tasks are easier and quicker.

      This is for you if:

      - You feel overwhelmed at the thought of decluttering

      - You get started but soon lose momentum and give up

      - You’re not sure HOW to declutter…nothing seems to work

      - You can’t decide what to keep and what to let go

      - Clutter is having an impact on your daily life

      - Disorganisation is stopping you moving forward in life.

      - You avoid having visitors and panic at the thought of anyone turning up unannounced.

        But it doesn’t have to be this way…

        My clients are intelligent, creative people who need a helping hand to declutter for a variety of reasons - work and family demands, significant life changes, neurodiversity, mental health conditions and bereavement.

        Whatever the reason, I’ll help you move forward with patience, understanding and kindness.

        It all starts with a simple next step.

        ‘I recommend Anita’s services to anyone struggling with clutter, a bit of hoarding or just trying to get organised for a move. My home became full of things I didn’t really need and no longer had storage for. Anita helped me decide what to keep and what to donate and helped me clear and organise three rooms successfully, making my home feel like a home again, with a sense of ordered calm. A huge, huge help…thank you so much!’


        'It's not about perfection...

        it's about making your life much easier'

        A Neater Life

        ‘I needed help for some time but didn't want someone in my home as it was so cluttered.  I was nervous but I agreed to work online with Anita and straight away she put me at ease.  With her calm support I decluttered my messy kitchen during four online sessions.  She gave me tasks to do after each session which kept me motivated to keep going.  I became more confident as we went along.  Her advice about what to keep and also storage ideas was invaluable.'


        How it works:

        - Click the button to sign up today
        (You'll be taken to PayPal to complete your subscription)

        - Check your inbox (and spam) to access your Simply Declutter downloadable guide

        - Use the guide to familiarise yourself with my Simply Declutter method.
        All the information you need to prepare for our online sessions will be in the guide.

        - You will receive an exclusive email at the beginning of each month that dives deeper into one decluttering area.

        - You’ll also receive a link to my online calendar so you can book your weekly 30 minute 1-1 session with me.
        Book several in advance if you prefer!

          In the first session we will discuss your decluttering project and make a plan.

          Subsequent 1-1 sessions can be used for;

          - Actually decluttering specific areas during our time together.
          With my guidance and virtual hand holding, you can finally get stuff done.
          Examples could include your wardrobe, kitchen, bedroom, paperwork or sentimental items.

          - Looking at progress made between our sessions and planning your next steps

          - Overcoming mindset blocks and overwhelm

          - Sorting out storage and presentation

          - Planning and organising items for sale or donation.

            'Make space for life'

            A Neater Life

            ‘Anita is simply brilliant. She transformed an unmanageable mess into ordered and organised rooms where we can easily find everything. We cannot stress it enough - she is fabulous and also very kind - we never felt judged
            about our messy home.'