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The Self Care Guide

The self-care guide is a way to make taking care of yourself a habit. You are provided with several self-care activities to choose from everyday. 

Motivational Quotes

These are 10 of my favorite quotes that will keep you motivated and inspired to keep pushing. 

Journaling Worksheet

If you have read my blog post "How to Use Journaling to Create a More Meaningful Day" this is the worksheet that goes with that post. 

Self-Care Checklist

The Self-care Checklist is a list of everyday things that you can do to show love to yourself. Here's a few blog post all about self-care : 6 Ways to Practice Self-care, 6 More Ways to Practice Self-care

Goals to Slay Checklist

Write down your goals and when you've finished check them off of the list. It's a great way to keep up with all of your accomplishments. 

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