Boost your immune system with these 5 proven steps!

As a singer, your body is your instrument. You can't afford to get sick! 

Singers are vocal athletes, yet we don't receive any education on how to properly fuel our bodies!  

Our diet and lifestyle have a HUGE impact on our immune health.  This guide takes you through the 5 key factors that will have the biggest impact on your health, and help you survive cold and flu season! 

Includes a one-week Immunity Boosting meal plan complete with recipes and a shopping list to help you get started! 

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Jennifer Taverner is a Toronto based Certified Holistic Nutritionist, owner of High Note Health, and a professional opera singer!

She is passionate about helping singers adopt lifestyle and nutrition habits that will nourish their bodies and support their vocal health so they're in top form, onstage and off!

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