Designed to take you from "where the heck are my clients?" to clarity, consistency, and commission checks

Real estate is a $33 TRILLION dollar industry, and you want a cut of the action, 3% of it, right?

On average, 14,000 homes sell in the US, every. single. day.

Some Realtor is selling these homes daily

Some Realtor is getting a big piece of the action

Some Realtor is taking home massive commission checks

Realtors everywhere are getting a cut of the action, so why not you?

  • You're tired of the inconsistent commission checks, you don't want to go back to a 9-5 but real estate isn't sustainable. You wish you had a system in place to get quality client's and consistent closings.

  • Real estate feels so overwhelming. You're in information overload and analysis paralysis. You just want to simply know what to do to actually move the needle forward.
  • Prospecting is a daunting task and you don't even know where to start. You're ready for an easier way to lead generate -- one that doesn't make you want to pull your hair out, preferably.

This is what our Single Strategy Sessions are built for. For the woman who knows she wants to build her dream real estate business but just hasn't had the help to do it yet

Imagine how amazing it's going to feel when you wake up in the morning and can start your day on your time table. You wake up, sip your coffee, and start work when it's right for you. Your inbox is filled with dream clients and you're selling homes in a price range you didn't even know was possible for you. It's that time to sit and focus on Money Making Activities and you know exactly what to do to generate leads, and you actually really enjoy doing it. Lead gen has become effortless and you've found strategies that no longer make it feel like work. Lunch comes and you check the mail. Another commission check is waiting with your name on it. And you realize, real estate is no longer a job you do to pay the bills, it's become a career you continue to evolve and grow into to fulfill your goals and future-proof your savings accounts. There is no limit to how far you can go in real estate. There is no earning cap, and you're living proof of that.

I've been in your shoes, admittedly I was SO close to becoming another one of the 87% that don't make it in this industry

My first entire year in real estate was not pretty. My confidence was knocked, I didn't really know what I was doing, and as much as I loved my broker, they just didn't have the 1:1 time for me. I was burned out, I went 6 months without a commission check, and I knew something had to change before I returned my license faster than I got it.

I knew I had to make a lasting change and I had to do it quickly. So, I hired a coach. I really didn't have another choice. It was time to stop playing small and to give it one last try. I invested in someone that would give me the time of day. I invested in myself even though it was scary, even though the commission checks weren't there yet. Because I knew something had to change and that change started with me.

We're not really taught the value of investing into our real estate businesses. We think we can do it all for free but that also comes at a cost - your time and sanity. So before I quit all together, I took one last shot at 'making it' in this industry, and I'm so glad I did. It's amazing the changes that happen just by making the investment and saying yes to yourself.

My second year in real estate rolled around and it was [thankfully] a complete 180. I no longer bought into the people telling me what I 'had' to do to be successful and I learned how to do real estate in a way that worked for me. No cold calling, no door knocking, just lead generation strategies that felt aligned and authentic. And it paid off, big time.

In my second year of real estate I literally doubled my income, I referred out over $8,000,000 in referral volume [all at a 25% fee], which if you did the math, yes you did it right, that's $50,000+ worth of commission checks in referrals alone. And I did over a million in personal transaction volume. I went from sporadic pay days to $21,000 and $30,000 commission checks. I went from on the verge of quitting to a million dollar agent.

All of this, after a year that made me want to quit on the spot. It's crazy how quickly things can turn around. But the saying is true, nothing changes if nothing changes. It took me investing in higher level thinking, it took me getting someone in my corner, it took me thinking outside of the box and not conforming.

And you can too, you absolutely 100% are just as capable. These Single Strategy Sessions are here to help you with just that. I know investing in yourself can be super freaking scary, so that's why we've made it easy at this price point. It's time to stand up and say yes to yourself and your business and I can't wait for you to see the unimaginable results you can create for yourself too.

Our Single Strategy Sessions are the go-to for agents that want to build out the foundation of their real estate business. That know that putting in the ground work now, will get them the results they want moving forward. Laying the foundation and building out your business plan is the first step to your dream commission checks. And we will do that, together. There's no reason to go at real estate alone, it's time to get the help you deserve.

Let's Flash Forward...

Flash forward to Jan 2021. 2020 is finally behind us and you are running into 2021 on top of the world. Just picture what's possible for you when you have a dream client pool and lead generation strategies that you actually look forward to

  • You have a pool of clients to tap into when you want a new listing and a niche market you've risen to the top in
  • Your real estate business is referral based and you no longer spin your wheels on prospecting
  • You know exactly what to do and where to go to get your next listing
  • Lead generation has become a fun part of real estate that you actually enjoy [yup, totally possible]
  • You no longer chase clients, they come to you
  • No more door knocking, cold calling, and all of the things that make you want to pull your hair out. You have a lead gen strategy in place and there's no need for that anymore.

So, here's how we're going to get there, together:

We have 2 incredible options for you -

1. Our Single Strategy Session [90 minutes] and The Agent Toolkit [you keep, forever]:

  • Strategy Session [$257 Value]: 90 minute 1:1 strategy session call. This is a private coaching session designed to take a deep dive into your current real estate business, figure out what's working, what's not working, and we will then create a personalized real estate roadmap designed to land your next listings and build out your client pool
  • The Agent Toolkit [$150 Value]:
    This is the real estate blueprint you've been waiting for since you got your license. Our signature Success Strategy Toolkit is jam packed with real estate tools such as our lead gen bank, personalized lead generation roadmap, success tracker, goal sheet, and more!

[Total Value: $407]

2. VIP: For those that want to go ALL the way in. You get everything with our Single Strategy Session PLUS 1 month of 1:1 high-touch support, you will get 1 month of:

  • [3] 30 minute calls:  After your initial strategy session call, we will schedule [3] 1:1 coaching calls over our next month together. We will go over your roadmap and make sure you feel confident and ready to conquer real estate well beyond our month together
  • Unlimited Voxer access [walkie-talkie app that allows for text and voice messaging] - me at your service! 4 weeks of me answering any and all of your real estate questions. And no I will not be taking any of your commission!
  • Unlimited Roadmap Revisions: in our month together
  • Accountability check-points: I will be your accountability partner. I will be checking in with you to make sure you are truly on track to hit your goals

[Total Value: $938]

And who doesn't love a juicy bonus to get your dream clients even faster?

Yup! We've got you covered. We are adding on our Commission Tracker Sheet to sweeten up the deal. This will help you keep track of your client's and commission and give you extra incentive to reach your goals. The saying "what you track, expands" is no exception in real estate

[$27 Value]

So between the bonus and the Strategy Session AND the toolkit you get to keep for life, we are looking at over $400 worth of transformation [over $900 if you're a VIP!]. But I promise you, we are not charging that much. Not even close

One time payment of $197

Strategy Session + The Agent Toolkit

One time payment of $347

VIP | Strategy Session + The Agent Toolkit + 1 Month of Coaching

This is the ultimate VIP package! This VIP option is to take you all the way. This is the accountability, the support, the 1:1 help on and in your business, this is to create the goals and then have someone in your corner to help you reach them.  All juicy VIP details listed above

Our Single Strategy Sessions are not permanently available. This is the first (and maybe only) time we have ever offered the opportunity to purchase 1 coaching session. Our coaching packages are usually 3-6 months and cost thousands. Now you can get all of that knowledge jam packed into 1.

We are literally building out the foundation for the rest of your real estate business. This is the blueprint that will take you from A to Z. It is fully personalized to fit your lifestyle and strengths. This is the organization, tools, strategy, and clarity to go as far as you can dream in real estate. You are totally capable, sometimes we just need a little help getting there.

The reason behind this offer is simple, Covid. We were all affected in one way or another. And the unknown is still to come. We wanted to find a way to get an affordable offer out there without any commitments attached. Because honestly who the heck knows what's going to happen in the next 3-6 months? It's 2020, literally, who knows.

So our goal was to serve as many Realtors as possible and we knew that meant a low cost offer with a high value transformation. And that is the Single Strategy Session in a nutshell.

Because we don't typically offer just 1 session, this may be the only time you can get our highest-level coaching at such a low cost. Your real estate business can't afford to miss out on this opportunity and we don't know if it will be coming back. I would hate to see you miss the boat.

This is for you if:

  • You don't know what to do for lead generation to actually get quality clients
  • You’re a full-time Realtor but not hitting your commission goals
  • Your goal is to become a full time realtor
  • You're a new Realtor and want to build a successful business from the start
  • You feel stuck and your marketing strategies just aren’t cutting it
  • You fear becoming a part of the statistic of the 87% of Realtors that don't make it in this industry
  • You want to run an aligned and enjoyable real estate business

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Once the cart closes the Single Strategy Sessions will be gone. We will revert back to selling packages which is a much higher price-point. Please don't miss out on our lowest cost coaching available. Your real estate business will thank you

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