Single With A Passion Devotional

Over the course of 7 Days, dive into learning all about being single and for a good reason! Being single is never a bad thing. So many women walk around with it as a “scarlet letter”, thinking that it is a bad thing to be single. Embrace this life and be single with a passion!

In her time on earth Britt Dior has earned a number of degrees and accomplished task that others only dream about. Although her accolades can easily precede her they are not who she is. She is simply a daughter of God with a passion to spread His truth through her experiences. On the outside she appears well put together but getting to know her will shatter any image that the world has created of her. If she isn’t anything else she is a transparent believer who acts unapologetic as she follows God’s plan for her life.

Britt is a native of South Florida, but a lover of traveling. On a good day you can find her spending time with her family or friends, working on her writings, playing with her adorable dog, finding some good food,


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