Are you tired and need a better sleep training method for your toddler?

If it takes you hours to get your toddler to sleep or they wake up constantly through the night needing you, this e-book is just for you! I created a gentle sleep training method for my sleep reluctant 15 month old toddler and detailed each step for you in this e-book.

I take you step by step in the gentle sleep training method I created for my son who was not a good participant in any of the popular sleep training methods.

About the Author

Candice | The Brown Eyed Mom

Candice, The Brown Eyed Mom, is a thirty-something SAHM (stay at home mom) of 2 boy tiny humans and wife to her high school sweetheart. She likes cooking, outdoor adventures with her boys and Pinterest ideas that don't always get done. She is a former pediatric Registered Nurse who chose the SAHM life after the birth of tiny human #2 in 2015. This e-book was inspired by this post, How I Sleep Trained My 15 Month Old, that she wrote in hopes of helping other sleep deprived parents who were desperately trying to sleep train their toddlers when other methods had failed.