Spiritual Love Week 2019

I'm so excited to host a week of uplifting, encouraging, and empowering information to help you SHIFT your mind, body, soul, and finances!

Making Shift Happen

Life is full of changes and choices. Some you enjoy, others not so much and that's okay.

This week we'll be exploring how to embrace these changes and flow with the shifts that happen in life.

Jovhanna Tisdale


I created Spiritual Love Week to give women a different perspective on the concept of love and how it touches so many parts of our lives.

Spiritual Love Week is a 7 day event, starting on Sunday February 10th. More details will be announced shortly.

Sunday February 10th inside the Spiritual Love Circle

Sunday 10th - Welcome - I'll be sharing the theme and purpose behind Spiritual Love Week along with an Oracle card reading.

Monday 11th - Shifting with Renair - 

Tuesday 12th - Shifting Your Finances with Whitney

Wednesday 13th - 5 Powerful Ways to Start Simplifying Your Life with Angela

Thursday 14th - Talking Love, Dating, and Relationships with Allison aka Coach Rozz

Friday 15th - Sanging with Afua and Exploring the Power of Your Voice as a Healing

Plus you will hear from me throughout the week for guidance, inspiration, and more!!

Meet the Amazing Women You'll be Hearing From...

Whit West


Life can be taken away any moment and I came close to that moment more than once.  Despite what the doctors and everyone thought, I was able to push through and live life fearlessly though modified.  

I am here to offer my expertise in pushing past barriers, preparing yourself for success, building confidence, fearless empowerment, and unrelenting strength.

Renair Amin


Becoming a vessel of Pink Love wasn't an easy process for the Pink Love Specialist, Renair Amin.  The person she is today has survived addiction, family tragedy, sexual assault, depression, grief, divorce, religious trauma and domestic violence. From those experiences, Renair penned four books and as a life and relationship coach, she has also had the privilege of speaking across the nation helping others find Pink Love in their lives.

Netih Sankofa


The Light Warrior SiStar Hood, founded by Neith Sankofa is a self-care and empowerment company committed to using the transformative powers of self-reflection, movement and intentional action to assist in the actualization of Light Warrior Women of African decent as self-healers. Through coaching, workshops and performance, we present information that model the tools of self-awareness- personally, spiritually and communally. Assisting warrior women in their personal restoration while also providing the confidence and consciousness required to walk towards the creation of their ideal lives.

Afua Danso


Bringing the power of music, sound, and voice to Spiritual Love Week is Singer, Songwriter, Performer Goddess Afua Danso, of justafua.space!

Her mission is to SHINE and to help you shine, helping her #soulmates to feel more, dream bigger and ✨shine✨ brighter

Through the Shine School Afua helps you bring your gifts into the world all by using your voice!

Allison Rozzel


Allison aka Coach Rozz has created her own path by following her God appointed calling and becoming a Divine Teacher, Healer, and Coach.

She is the Starting Over Coach for women who are 40 or better. She helps them gain confidence and clarity to pursue their dreams in  this next exciting half of their lives! 

At the heart of her business is service, spirituality, love. Listen to her wisdom for women when it comes to love, dating, and relationships!

Angela Andrews


You CAN have an organized life where you can not only be productive but have more free time to live your passion. 

Angela is here to help women who want to get organized and simplify their life + business through decluttering, organizing, and focusing on their goals.

She's sharing her wisdom, giving you 5 powerful ways to simplify your life!

Learn more at https://angelaandrews.biz/.