When you're a Generator (like me) in Human Design, it's quite likely you've tested and tried many things to promote your business and your offers.

You may have run challenges, did workshops, reached out to potential clients - and it's my guess that none of it felt really good nor did it bring you any clients.

That is because this 'business blueprint' is not working for your Human Design. 

(Manifesting) Generators have a different success blueprint than others and I think it's crucial you know this about yourself. When you know yourself, you will be able to bring in clients with joy and much mor ease than you have before.

With this free download, you will get tactics and strategies to follow for your Human Design and find the best way to connect with your audience.

Download the Smart Business Strategies for (Manifesting) Generators here by leaving your best email address!

*If you don't know your Human Design yet, please go to first and then come back to this download.