Learn the shortcuts your family needs to: 

save time 

save money

get the kids to freakin' eat! 

It's 5pm. Your family is hungry and exhausted. You've had a long day of doing all. the. things for everyone, but it's time for that dreaded question,

"What's for dinner?"

I get it.

You're exhausted.

Your brain is fried.

You don't want to trash the kitchen.

You don't want to fight the kids to eat.

You feel like you're failing.

This is not how motherhood was supposed to be.

What if making dinner could feel easy? 

What if you weren't wasting time making a meal noone eats? 

What if you didn't waste food every week? 

What if you knew the secrets to meals that work for your family?

What if you had the shortcuts to save time, save money, and get your kids to FREAKIN' EAT?!

What if you actually looked forward to dinner with the kids, and you had the brain space to build relationship with them and be more like the Mom you thought you'd be?

Here's the good news. It doesn't have to be this way. You can enjoy dinners together again, without losing your sanity along the way. 


As a young mom of 3 kids under 4, I was totally overwhelmed with the daily mental load taking care of all. the. things. I had no idea how to balance everything all day, and then enter the dinnertime battle at 5pm without completely losing my cool. 

As I learned more about how to find a rhythm that worked for my family, I found that many of my fellow busy moms were struggling with the same thing!

But, that's not the end

Through years of trial and error, I was able to use my expertise as a Registered Dietitian and family feeding expert to create a routine that felt easy and worked for us. Then something happened... these solutions worked for my friends, then for strangers, then for clients, then for groups of busy families.

The Smarter, Not Harder Program was born. 

I've shared this insight with hundreds of families, and they've found what works for them too!

These are not cookie-cutter, one size fits all answers. We us customized, easy, shortcut-style solutions that can help you reclaim the joy of meals together, so you can have the family meals you always dreamt of having.

SNEAK PEAK at the 

Smarter, Not Harder Program:

This is a complete solution to fix what's not working for your family, while using shortcuts to find what DOES work.  

Every family is different. 

That's why the Smarter, Not Harder Program teaches you not only the basics to a family routine that works, but also how to apply them to your family's unique needs. 

The Smarter, Not Harder Program includes video content that you can access anywhere that average 5-10 minutes each so you can fit them into the tiny free spaces in your day. 

8 modules will guide you from overwhelmed meals that flop, to meals that feel easy that you can enjoy together again. 

The Smarter, Not Harder Program acts like the GPS to help you identify where you are, where you want to go, and gives you turn by turn guidance along the way, in real time, to help you overcome detours and finally have meals that work

In addition to modules and videos, 

the Smarter, Not Harder Program includes:

  • 1:1 laser coaching calls to help you really pinpoint how to make changes 
  • Weekly homework, downloads, and guides to help you visualize the changes you're making in your routine. 
  • 4 weeks of done for you meal planning to help you find your rhythm again

The best part: 

All of this is designed using shortcuts that save time, save money, and get your kids to freakin' eat so you can spend your brain space on more important things in  your life. 

What are people saying? 

Meet Jen. 

When she started with Glory Nutrition, she was exhausted, overwhelmed, and at the end of her rope with how to feed her family. She was ready to give up. As a family of four, in quarantine, with two working parents, and two little boys, they had a lot to balance. She was out of ideas for what to cook, how to save time, and how to get the kids to eat the foods she wanted them to like.

After showing her my proven system in the Smarter, Not Harder program, everything has changed for them. Now she knows how to confidently feed her family, save time, save money, and stop the family fights about food.

The best part?? All that time, money, and energy she is saving can be put back into her family. They are now getting the best of her, and not her overwhelmed, exhausted leftovers. 

Meet Sara. 

Sara is a veteran, military spouse, entrepreneur, and mom of 2. Family meals are some of the only times during the day that her family can come together, but Sara was riddled with guilt over their meals and the constant fighting with the kids. 

"Before I joined, planning dinners (meant) basically 30 mins before I needed to have dinner on the table. I hated thinking about dinner and really stressed about everything and then made something noone would like. I struggled with planning, overspending at the grocery store, and buying a whole bunch of healthy food but it goes bad in the fridge because I used to give up and order out. The worst part was I was always fighting with the kids about eating the food- which led to me feeling frustrated and angry and often ended with me screaming and drinking too much wine.

After taking Heather's Course, I no longer freak about what's for dinner. My kids even told me recently that I was the best cook. I also have back up plans (ready). I learned exactly how much my kids should be eating and also learned how to introduce my kids new foods, talk about foods, and actually get my kids to eat- My kids LOVE trying new foods now. 

My daughter even asked me for Brussel sprouts and salad this week. 

I truly loved this course- it was so helpful to have the tips to make eating meals super easy and stress-free."

Meet Laura. 

Here's what she had to say about her time with Glory Nutrition and the Smarter, Not Harder program.

"Before (working) with Heather, I was so frustrated with stale meal ideas, a family who didn’t like what we were having, and stressing when plans changed. Heather put my fears to rest by introducing real practices and showing me achievable methods to maintain my sanity in the kitchen. 

I truly loved that I never felt judged or pressured the entire program. Heather made sure it was consistently helpful and encouraging.

Investing in the (Smarter, Not Harder) program gave me the permission to not have it all figured out. I was able to create simple meal plans that we all enjoy, that maintained flexibility and choices.

I feel more confident in my ability to give my family healthy, attainable options for each and every meal."

Meet Tabitha. 

Here is how her life changed in the Smarter, Not Harder program. 

"Before Heather, I was feeling very stressed about dinner daily. 

I was concerned that I would not find a "fix", but fears were quickly put to rest after learning the why's behind planning meals and learning how to pivot and not "panic".

(The Smarter, Not Harder Program) has saved me from having anxiety about what to feed my family with simply showing me how to add variety into our meals.

I am still shocked that I have successfully been able to plan out dinner meals for the last 6 weeks, with no problems."

Meet Kelsie. 

The demands of Kelsie's growing young family had her completely overwhelmed as she put her career on pause to spend her days surrounded by tiny humans. 

Now, she's found a routine that saves time, saves money, and gets her kids to eat whatever she serves them. Even better, she's able to enjoy her family again.

She said it best: 

"I have maximized my time in the kitchen by implementing strategies and tips from Heather. I spend less time in the kitchen and feel less guilt over individual meals. I am able to enjoy my family with less guilt and stress at meal time." 

Meet Madison. 

During the pandemic lockdowns of 2020, Madison found herself in a foreign country with a toddler and new baby, trying to navigate this new chapter of her life. 

"I was feeling overwhelmed with lockdown and life (abroad) after having a new baby. I was concerned that time [to work together] would be an issue, but Heather put my fears to rest by being flexible and understanding how crazy mom life is.

[After 8 weeks together] I have accomplished getting my almost 5 year old to eat more vegetables, have a more predictable grocery list, a plan of back up meals ready to go, maximize my time in the kitchen by choosing time saving versions of certain ingredients, and just to let it go if all goes to $h!t when normally I would cry. 

[Busy moms should work with Heather] because it will save your sanity when it comes to feeding your family and feeding them well without a fight."

Meet Hannah.

Hannah and her growing family were stranded internationally during the pandemic. Removed from their host country, and unable to return to the US, she’s learned a thing or two about being flexible.

But, all the uncertainty of quarantine left them without a plan for their meals or budget. With the pending arrival of their quarantine baby, they needed some real changes, and fast.

By starting with just a few of the shortcuts from the Smarter, Not Harder program they were able to reduce their food waste, create a fuss free plan that felt easy, and save $200 EACH WEEK in groceries!!

That’s $10,000 PER YEAR in savings!

What's Included? (Recap) 


Total Value: $3,750 

Price: $750

This 8-module intensive program completely changes the way you approach meals for your family so able to finally plan meals effortlessly that will be easy for you- the family will love, save time, money, and get your kids to freakin' eat so you can enjoy meals together again.

8 modules of Clinically Based lessons, handouts, and guides with practical life examples from over 10 years of expertise and application, designed to help you make a plan that works for you and your family that you can actually stick to. 

Valued at $2,000

Five, 1 on 1 Laser Coaching Sessions. 

Valued at $1,000

Instant access to Members only content area and 8 weeks of virtual support services with Heather! 

Valued at $750

All of the material can be accessed easily through a computer or your mobile device via google drive. Access to materials after program completion. (Priceless)


Because we've been able to automate and streamline all of the content delivery to prioritize customized support for our clients, this is now offered for Just $750!!


Total Value: $2,750

This 8-module intensive program is a coursework only version of the full Smarter, Not Harder Meals program, which is designed to give you the blueprint your family needs to finally plan meals that the family will love, save time, money, and get your kids to freakin' eat so you can enjoy meals together again.

**This option is modules only. Email support only. No laser coaching calls are included, but they can be booked at a discounted rate as needed.**

8 weeks of Clinically Based lessons, handouts, and guides with practical life examples from over 10 years of expertise and application, designed to help you make a plan that works for you and your family that you can actually stick to. 

Valued at $2,000

Instant access to Members only content area and 8 weeks of virtual support services with Heather!

Valued at $750

1 on 1 Laser Coaching, as needed

$150 per call 

All of the material can be accessed easily through a computer or your mobile device via google drive. Access to materials after program completion. (Priceless)

This option is for confident clients who do not want personalized support, but instead want to apply the content as they see fit. 

Just $197!!