Silence isn't golden!

Have more impact at work by becoming a story user

Fed up with the gobby ones getting the glory? Ever wondered how some people can have so much impact... whether or not they're good at their jobs?
Stories are how we change the world around us - at work or play or even outright saving the whole thing! Don't be story-mute.

Because silence isn't golden, and whoever said it was just wants to
stop you having more impact.

The StoryUser ladder is free. It's a PDF and a few video emails to take you through the four stages of being a StoryUser...

  • story-mute
  • storyteller
  • story user
  • storyZen

The small print

Okay... the StoryUser ladder works. It works for most people. It should...  but it might not. I don't know you or how hard you work.

Sorry about that... but just like joining a gym doesn’t get you looking awesome shredded, you need to put the work in.

Of course, if you're not a gym-bunny that analogy isn't helpful but I'm sure you know what I mean. What about piano lessons - you need to practice between lessons. Pretty much anything really

It's not complicated - but just because it's simple does't mean it's easy... no false promises here!

But hey, this is a freebie. In the jargon of marketing it's called a lead magnet - which means you shouldn't expect to be a genius storyteller after just a few sides of A4 and a couple of videos no matter how good I am and even if you do the work!

But it's a great start.

About me - Dr Simon Raybould

I'm an expert in presenting and storytelling - in the real world, not just the make-believe world of big conferences! I've written several books on the subject and I've got an international client-base and reputation in the field. You can learn a lot more on the presentation genius main website.