Social Anxiety to Social Success is not just an ebook but a practical hands on guide, complete with printable worksheets and bonus material.

Perfect if you're finally ready to take your life into your own hands and gain control over your Social Anxiety or even if you've already made some changes but need that extra push.

Fiona @ Fiona Likes To Blog

"I’ve just read through Kelly’s book Social Anxiety to Social Success and I was blown away. Kelly talks openly and honestly about her own struggles with anxiety and manages to give well thought out, structured advice which comes from her own experience. Getting advice from someone who knows exactly how I feel is so comforting because often therapists and doctors don’t understand how hard it can be live with social anxiety. 

I’ve been writing about anxiety for years, and even I learned new things about myself form her book. I noticed things I’ve been doing without even realising, but now I’ve got the knowledge to correct those behaviours thanks to Kelly.

I thought I was the only one who hated answering the phone and talking to strangers, but Kelly offers worksheets and a plan to help gradually work towards doing these things at my own pace.

Hands down my favourite bonus is the list of conversations starters, including examples of how to deal with awkward silences and how to leave a conversation. If you have social anxiety you NEED to read this book!"

Fiona Likes To Blog


A 32 page ebook in PDF format, packed with mindset changing tips and challenges + Some extremely pretty printable A4 worksheets to help you in your journey.

A BONUS 5 page PDF Conversation Mini Guide is also included, complete with conversation prompts.

All ready to digitally download.



Meagan @ Okay Now Breathe

"I just finished reading your book. It was warm, funny, and highly

It made me see things in myself that I didn't even realize I did because of my social anxiety. You are inspiring! <3"

Okay Now Breathe

Real Step-by-Step Guidance From Someone Who Has Had A Severe Long Term Social Anxiety Disorder And Came Out The Other Side

About The Author

Kelly Jean @

I always knew there was something different about me, even from a really young age. I wondered why I found "normal" things so difficult, like going to a shop or going to a friends house. Most kids my age would get excited about going to birthday parties but I would dread them. Then high school came along and it was VERY obvious that something was wrong. At 14 I was diagnosed with a Social Anxiety Disorder, finally I could put a name to what I was experiencing. 

I had talking therapies for about 8 years but it only made a slight bit of difference. Even in my early 20's , I struggled to see friends, I struggled to work and I had a complete emotional breakdown at the age of 22.

I'm now 28, I run my own photography business, I meet new people constantly doing my job, I have a great group of friends and parties are something I now LOVE. I have even done public speaking and enjoyed it. 

Everything I did to get to this place is in this book! I won't promise you an overnight success but if you do everything in the book, it won't be long until you see real results.

Megan @ SilverStarFish

Social Anxiety to Social Success is a must-read for anyone who struggles with social situations.

Kel writes with honesty and humour, as if talking to a friend, and her language is conversational and uncensored, which is incredibly refreshing!

Kel encourages the reader to take their time with their recovery and provides fantastic worksheets for them to work through:

The Anxiety Ladder is a simple yet incredibly useful tool which asks the reader to really think about the situations they find difficult. Kel’s honesty extends to her listing her own struggles and how she overcame them, which is something readers are sure to appreciate.

The Weekly and Monthly Anxiety Rating Worksheets end positively, asking the reader to list ‘Things you’ve done despite your anxiety this month’. In this way, Kel encourages sufferers of social anxiety to feel proud of their achievements, even if anxiety gets in the way a little bit; which is hugely important for well-being.

The Exposure Worksheet is an effective way of monitoring progress and discovering ways to improve.

Although she has extensive experience and knowledge of her subject matter, Kel never falls into the trap of preaching to the reader, but asks relevant questions to get them thinking about the possibility of an anxiety-free future. She also offers techniques to help with panic attacks and provides an extensive list of ‘self-care’ suggestions. Her tips for engaging with others are fantastic for those who tend to focus on themselves rather than the other person.

The section on ‘safety behaviours’ is eye-opening and thought-provoking and Kel uses her own experiences to explain to the reader how these are more harmful than helpful.

Kel is realistic and unpatronising. She knows that recovery takes time and that there will be setbacks, and she shares this knowledge with the reader. The tasks she sets are simple and manageable; for example, putting in the effort to replace negative thoughts with more positive ones.

The book is well-laid out and easy to read, and the white, pink and blue colour theme is very easy on the eye!

The fact that Kel also provides readers with her email address, lists helpful resources and includes a Conversation Mini Guide says a lot about her caring character and desire to help others.

This is a gorgeous, informative book created by a writer who is both knowledgeable and empathetic.




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