Monday 21st June

10am-2pm AEDT

Solstice Business Planning Online Day Retreat

with Australian Bush Flower Essences

+ Vision Ceremony

$49 Includes your custom essence + postage in Australia


Join me and Trish Everett for an immersive, joyful, aligned business dreaming and planning retreat day. 

Solstice is a significant and auspicious day for going within to birth a new cycle of being for the year ahead. 

When the night is longest, the intuition is sparked!

Before the day, I will send you a questionnaire to craft your custom Australian Bush Flower Essence blend for the day. 

It will be posted out to you in time for you to use on the day.

This Essence will support you as we: 

Reflect on the past year

Integrate our learnings from all the beauty and wonder we experienced

Dive into a supported, intuitive state to tap into our vision for the next year cycle

Map out grounded actions to actualise the vision in your mind's eye

We will also:

Take breaks

Play with our favourite oracles and tarot decks

Dive deep

Dream big/beautiful

$49 includes:

Your custom Australian Bush Flower Essence and postage


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