Begin your Journey to
Comfort and Ease... the greater space within!

Enjoy easy-to-follow guidance in breathing and movement, 
that can enhance your daily routine.

Dip your toes (and the rest of your body!) into 'SomaBreathe' with these three short classes and find out how this approach can be used again and again to bring lasting change.  

Experience the power of slow and simple;
and the transformation that this can produce!


Becoming Present

This short video brings you into AWARENESS and SENSATION, and can be used before each of the 3 mini-classes.
Prepare yourself by slowly sensing where your body meets the earth, and noticing what you feel today.

Noticing Your Breath

Video 1: Exploring and Sensing: the INHALE and EXHALE, as well as the PAUSES in between. Begin to notice HOW you breathe and RELEASE unnecessary tension in the process.

Awakening Your Core

Video 2: Experience how INTENTION can affect awareness and sensation.  This class guides you into the PELVIS, HEAD and SPINE, and by using breath and awareness brings greater sensation to these areas.

3D Awareness

Video 3: Brings together the BREATH and MOVEMENT through 3 different orientations, focusing on the lower back, abdominals and the sides of the body.

Comes with instructions of how to get the most out of the classes, and how to ask us questions/give feedback.

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