As told on Arth through Susun Forkins

You are about to embark on a mission… 

in many, many words.

The mission is simply to live life. 

Life is simple.

There is only one thing you need to know.

Life is a game.



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Prana - People, Plants, Pets

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Photos of prana that I seek guidance from in this world around me.

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Character Consciousness

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Part H: Sonder Lives


Walking into an unfamiliar world may seem oddly familiar. Like your current reality just with a few adjustments in the matter of syntax and meaning. Walk into this world understanding that all words are said with LAVE. 

Chapter 1

Her Name is Sonder

Listening to others will fill your head; 

Trust with your heart to lead instead...

Chapter 2

Tunnel Vision

When going down a path of uncertainty;

Some question guidance, while others trust divinity.

Chapter 3

Sir Reginald

Memories of kin and star stories have returned!

Sharing timeless lessons, which one's were learned?

What's To Know About

Janine Ayana Watkins

Born and raised in California, she currently lives in Minnesota with the love of her life. She’s a Civil Engineer by trade, but after five years in construction, she traded it in to become an author and motivational speaker.

Most of my inspiration has come from Burning Man, my understanding of workspace "norms", and world-traveling vacations. I'm excited to see and hear from you all through our LAVE of this universe.

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