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When Christina told Olivia she wanted a huge, hot guy of her own, she didn't expect this blue-haired merman to make her heart and body yearn for him. And she definitely didn't expect him to read her thoughts or shape shift.

One of King Nereus' generals and on the lookout for Titan activity, Palaemon shouldn't be wasting his time playing underwater taxi for this mortal female with the supple curves and uncensored thoughts.

Then again, there's a lot more he shouldn't be doing with her, but the alternative is so much more enjoyable.

Book 2.5 of the TITANS series


Brandy Warren

Brandy Warren is no stranger to motivating himself to achieve his bucket list items. In his early twenties, he successfully opened his own coffee shop, ran the New York Marathon 3 times and took on an evening study while raising his newborn baby. His secret? Know your why and your motivation will follow.

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