Soul Academy digital training course for spiritually minded professional women who want to embody purpose!

By the end of this digital course you will have unlocked the power of your purpose through the Soul Academy Curriculum

Soul Signs 

Understand the language of your soul through safely recognising SOUL SIGNS

Soul Food

Use 'SOUL FOOD' to nourish your spirit and elevate your state of consciousness.

Soul Goals

Evolve beyond your comfort zone through connecting with your SOUL GOALS

Soul Song

Affirm why you are here and dance to your divinely unique SOUL SONG

Why choose Soul Academy?

The world has changed and so must you!

You are not on this page by happenstance. You are here because you are ready for answers. You are spiritually open and ready to learn truths about why you are here.

The world is in change. Yesterday is no more. What was once normal is a memory and a new norm is being created. This rebirth is bringing the world into focus and showing us how we've come to this path.

• If you are unsatisfied with what you have grown up being told about who you are and what you are capable of, then Soul Academy is for you.

• If you are awakening to the urgency of finding purpose to change your life and your relationship with the planet for the better, then Soul Academy is for you.

If you can feel the opportunity for us to alter the way we think about life and take a giant step towards our truest desires, then Soul Academy is definitely for you!

Here's what some Soul Academy Graduates had to say

"Felt like a cleansing gift to my soul"

- M Alisha

"Loved it! I looked forward to the daily sessions. Really useful course, a must for anyone interested in starting their journey to discover their inner self"
- S.Reid

"Thank you, you took me out of my comfort zone and I thank the group for that. Will definitely be using the tools I have gained over the five days in my daily life"
- L.Staples

"It was a beautiful, spiritual, bonding experience. I surprised myself with the exercises and it felt empowering."
- B.Daniels

"It was a beautiful experience with people people, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole journey. Thank you for sharing."
- A.J.Cox

“Soul Academy platform was a welcoming space to BE and feel authenticity - sometimes to speak and other times to sit observe, listen and soak in the experience.”
- S.Ankle

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