Are you ready to reclaim & transform your health with lifelong results?

Join me and hundreds of others for the Soulful Swap Program.

There’s excellent scientific evidence that many chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, certain forms of cancer, obesity, and other major illnesses can be prevented, controlled, or even reversed with a whole food, plant-based diet. 

And let's face it, we like to be together, we need support and we want to be our healthiest, BEST self - especially during this time.

If you’re ready to start reclaiming your health, join me and hundreds of others for the 8-Week Soulful Swap Program. The Soulful Swap is a physician-approved, functional medicine and lifestyle treatment program. It is specifically designed to help you make the changes needed to heal your immune system, balance your hormones, and promote optimum detoxification with a lifestyle that actually fuels the soul. 

Program Begins November 28, 2021


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Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. These are among the leading causes of preventable, premature death (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020).

The African-American or Black population experiences significant disparities with chronic conditions, access to care, preventive screenings, and more.

Over 49 percent of African Americans, followed by 44 percent of Hispanic adults are clinically obese, compared to 32.6 percent of whites (American Psychological Association, 2020 & Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020)

Nearly half (approximately 45%, or 133 million) of all Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease, and that number is quickly growing (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020).

More than one-third of all Americans have shown increased clinical signs of stress, anxiety, depression since last year (Census Bureau, 2020)

Something has to change....

In this Physician approved, 8-week Soulful Swap Program, you will:

Heal the Gut

Heal your gut to reduce inflammation and lay the foundation for a healthy immune system.


Learn how stress and trauma can trigger autoimmunity and what to do about it.

New Habits

Learn how to create new habits that will put you on the right track for life!


Detox your body to eliminate those nasty and invisible environmental toxins that suppress optimum functioning


Discover detox-boosting herbs and supplements you can be taking now (and how to get them)


Recommit to the most important healthy lifestyle practices

Self Care

Learn self-care techniques you can do anywhere

Take Control

Take control of your stress & anxiety with knowledge and actionable steps


Connect with others during a time of (limited) social distancing

Diet change can be scary, but with Soulful Swap, you’ll receive ongoing support from an experienced Holistic Nutritionist and a physician-approved program to ensure a fun, successful transition to a plant-based lifestyle WITHOUT sacrificing some of the foods you enjoy. You’ll learn exactly what to eat and how to prepare it with kitchen tips, delicious recipes that your family will love, shopping lists, meal plans, and more.

Doesn't this plant-based, Soul Food meal look delicious?

Soulful Swap is a lifestyle change that teaches you how to remove the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) foods from your menu and swap them with whole foods that fuel the soul.

This life changing program is designed to ensure a smooth, easy transition to a healthy plant-based lifestyle. You’ll receive everything you need for success, from the education to shopping lists, meal plans, and step-by-step guidance.

No more crash and burn dieting, fad products, unrealistic expectations or short term results...

This is about creating a sustainable, medically approved, PROVEN, holistic lifestyle through healthy plant based eating and extra self-love.


You’ll be part of an exclusive community that is connected for the duration of the program. You’ll never feel alone on your journey.


You’ll work with a Holistic Nutritionist & Clinical Herbalist and follow a guided step-by-step plan that’s easy, inspiring and that will get you results.


My name is Roxi Thiam, certified Holistic Nutritionist, Weight Loss Strategist, Clinical HerbALIST and author of No Prescription Needed: A Proven Step-By-Step Guide to Healing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Through Simple Diet and Lifestyle Changes. I was diagnosed with a chronic illness at age 17 called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) that severely compromised my immune, hormonal and reproductive systems. By changing my habits using the methods you will learn during this program, I shed over 135 pounds, balanced my hormones, healed my type 2 diabetes & fibroids, and completely reversed PCOS. I am on a mission to empower at least one million others to take back their health for good!

This program has 50+ features and benefits. These are our favorites:

Weekly Meal Planning

Herbs for Detoxification Class

Plant-Based Food substitution list

Weekly nutrition & wellness classes

Live Hands-On Cooking Lessons

Private Health & Wellness Coaching

Over 25 Resources & Cheatsheets

Email & Chat Message Support

Journals, Planners & Workbooks for the Year

Access to Our Meal Planing Portal of 3,500+ Healthy Recipes

Nutrition & Self-Care Focused Challenges with Prizes

Certificate of Completion

And so much more! 

Program cost may be split into 4 interest-free payments when you use Sezzle at checkout!

This 8-week Soulful Swap program is a powerful way to create healthy habits, get rid of unhealthy sugars, and notice how immune & detox-boosting foods can help our body feel phenomenal. 

Some of the key benefits may lead to a reduction of certain prescription medications, decreased anxiety, mental clarity, increased energy, better sleep, weight loss, reduced PMS & menopausal symptoms, and more.

This Program is right for you if you want to:

  • Enjoy life without the prospect of feeling sick or in pain all the time
  • Heal your gut, immune system and regain hormonal balance naturally and without medication
  • Learn about supplements and herbs, and how to use them 
  • Stop feeling anxious, stressed, and tired all the time
  • Learn how to eat to lower inflammation, blood sugar levels, or blood pressure
  • Stay on track with your goals where you have given up in the past
  • Create healthy habits to live your healthiest and happiest life possible
  • Join a program that is proven and supported by medical research
  • Know exactly how to create healthy meals and FEEL GREAT again!

How It Works

Start Fresh

The Soulful Swap program helps you start fresh. That means we get rid of all the foods that are toxic to the body that causes weight gain, chronic health problems, hormonal imbalance, and a weakened immune system. We will fuel with simple, healthy, foods you will love. You won't be deprived and there's NO calorie counting. In fact, you will be amazed at how much food you will be able to eat.

Feel Empowered!

By the end of this 8-week program, you will have a thorough understanding of how to optimize your health, activate natural weight loss, support healing & disease prevention, enjoy greater energy, and maintain countless other benefits through the power of whole plant-based food!

  • Discover why a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet is the healthiest and most life saving diet in the world
  • Accurately assess your health and make reasonable milestones & goals
  • Know exactly what foods to stock in your pantry and fridge
  • Gather the techniques and tools to prepare your kitchen for plant based eating
  • Learn how to make wholesome meals, snacks, smoothies & drinks
  • Use green smoothies to maximize antioxidants by 1000%
  • Understand how to make a list & grocery shop for whole plant based foods
  • Identify and confidently use the 6 secret superfoods of Plant Based eating
  • Mentally prepare for a positive lifestyle change without fear of failure
  • Establish a solid foundation of healthy habits (that won’t crumble after the excitement wears off)
  • Eliminate the confusion of dieting, fads, and shortcuts that don’t work
  • Gain confidence to make quick decisions about what to eat
  • Take practical action and actually build momentum (instead of just learning and getting ideas)
  • Improve overall health with natural nutrient rich whole food plant based diet
  • Create a healthy guilt-free relationship with food
  • Enjoy the comfort and relief of knowing how to nourish your body
  • Overcome obstacles without feeling like a failure

Know exactly what steps to take next by following The Plant Based Roadmap!

The Soulful Swap is divided into 12 modules. In each section, you will explore a different "step" of The Plant Based Roadmap:

  • Module 1: PREPARE YOUR KITCHEN, BODY AND MIND Learn to prepare your kitchen, mind, & heart for long term success by setting S.M.A.R.T. goals...
  • Module 2: FOOD, MOVEMENT, AND MINDFULNESS - Understand the evidence behind healthy movement & food preparation so you can make intentional decision with confidence...
  • Module 3: LOW COST MEALS AND JOURNALING - Learn foolproof shopping principles that every health focused person needs to know so that you can shop with confidence...and save $$$!
  • Module 4: KITCHEN, FUN AND SOMETHING NEW - Learn the equipment & techniques you'll need for your plant powered kitchen to run smoothly...
  • Module 5: ENTERTAINING AND BUDDYING UP - Understand how to handle outings and parties with your new lifestyle & how to build your new tribe
  • Module 6: ASSESSING YOUR EATING - Flip the switch on automatic weight-loss and naturally begin to see results WITHOUT restricting portions, counting calories, or buying special products...
  • Module 7: FOOD SAFETY AND TAKING STOCK - Learn in depth about animal hormones, antibiotics & pesticides and how they effect our mind and body...
  • Module 8: MINDSET, HABITS, AND MOTIVATION - Renew your purpose & explore how motivation works for you...
  • Module 9: STRESS AND STIMULATION - Learn simple methods to reduce stress & the hard core truth about caffeine and other stimulants...
  • Module 10: SELF CARE - Understand the importance of taking care of yourself FIRST (without guilt) & how to make YOU priority...
  • Module 11: A HEALTHY HOME - Remove the toxic foods that are congesting your kitchen--making you sick, and create a sanctuary of wholeness and health in your home...
  • Module 12: GOING FORWARD - Sustain lifelong momentum and keep your results by applying these simple strategies on your journey...
  • BONUS: SUPERFOOD DRINKS, TEAS & SMOOTHIES - Discover the most powerful (and most researched) superfood drinks that you can instantly implement and add 1,000 times more antioxidants into your daily routine. No special skills required...

Remember, The Soulful Swap program Launches on November 28, 2021

Join today, change your tomorrow!

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