7 Week Journey Back to Wholeness

Stop Energy Drain, Live Life to the Fullest.
Never Again Give Your Power Away.

Leaders, Executives, Coaches and Changemakers,

Do you feel deeply called to step up and HEAL THE WORLD?

Join me on this 7 week journey and I’ll show you how to have inner certainty, authentic confidence and total freedom so you can create the difference you are here to make.

I will walk you through the 7 chakras, take the woo woo out of it, and give you the keys to freedom and fulfillment you've been searching for, so you can fulfill what your Soul came here to do. 

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This is a 7 week journey back to wholeness.

No More Self Sabotage!

No More Spiritual Bypass!

Be comfortable in your own skin!

Are you acting in harmony with yourself or are there invisible forces that keep getting in the way of your success and fulfillment?

Are you tired of having to gather your energy and have to brace yourself just to get through the day?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you knew how to go with the flow, sustain your energy and no longer feel stuck or drained? 

I have worked with so many leaders and coaches who get easily overwhelmed and wiped out from serving their tribe. They are finding they have to withdraw just to recover energetically and not burn out. Add the uncertainties of 2020, it's no wonder many feel they are drowning, barely keeping their head above water, and feel like they are letting a lot of people down.

I don't blame you.

And I know you have taken quite a few steps towards following your heart and soul doing what you believe in, going against your comfort level and showing up to make the world a better place.

But something always stops you. Something would always happen that will take you out of the game. Next thing you know you've allowed procrastination and too many distractions to seep back in and run your life.

Have you ever wondered why this happens to you?

Look, the world needs you to step up and step into leadership. I wanna help you be confident in the work you're here to do and live the life that you love.

What creates paralysis and overwhelm?

Too many people live their lives insecure, overwhelmed, feeling out of control and trapped in the past.

Maybe you’re a high earner, but have chronic cash flow problems. Maybe you work hard, but aren’t getting to where you want to be. Maybe you’re paralyzed in worry on a daily basis. Maybe you have a great lifestyle, but still feel deeply unsatisfied and empty.

If this resonates, it's a sign you have tolerated emotional stuckness, physical exhaustion, mental fog or spiritual depletion for far too long. Your body goes on overwhelm or paralysis to survive. It goes on survival mode for energy conservation and self preservation. 

Is it woo-woo?

People hear the word chakra or energy and they think it's woo woo. Actually energy is a natural part of our life. We are energetic beings. And we are comprised of 99.9999% energy. When your energy is out of alignment, when it leaks or it's blocked, it actually hurts you and harms your body.


Your stress level goes up, you can't sleep, it affects your digestion, you prematurely age, and you develop heart-related issues and compromise your immune system.

How to release paralysis, overwhelm and inner conflict?

There are 7 keys to releasing behaviors that were developed in the past to help you succeed and survive in the world. And now that you are stepping into your next stage of growth and self leadership, you notice these behaviors are actually limiting you and getting in the way.

These keys are in the 7 chakras. Chakras are centers of energy located in the body that govern our psychological properties. When they are open, they contribute to our wellbeing. However, some chakras are blocked (under-active), and to compensate, other chakras are excessive ( over-active).

Meaning, when one or more of the chakras are out of balance (either deficient or excessive) it will affect your energy inflow and outflow. In other words, your energy flow (or lack) affects your performance, your productivity, your mood, your outlook, your patience, your sex life... everything!

What are the 7 chakras?

1. The ROOT CHAKRA is about feeling grounded, stable and secure.

2. The SACRAL CHAKRA is about feeling, sexuality and creativity.

3. The SOLAR PLEXUS is about personal power.

4. The HEART CHAKRA is about being loving and compassionate in your relationships.

5. The THROAT CHAKRA is when you use the power of your voice.

6. The THIRD EYE CHAKRA is being open to new insights and clear on your vision.

7. The CROWN CHAKRA is when you are connected to spirit and receiving your divinity.

Can you see how when one or more chakras are blocked, you are unknowingly sabotaging your own success, abundance and freedom? your happiness and piece of mind? your relationship, health and finances?

Wholeness: Putting Yourself Back Together

This 7 week course is designed to give you the tools to assist you in whatever stage you are in your journey back to WHOLENESS.

You will to understand what shuts down and/or over-activate your chakra system. This will help you manage and maintain your energy and your own personal vitality.

I will walk you through letting go of emotional baggage so next time you feel overwhelmed, drained or stuck, you have the awareness to recognize it, and know how to bounce back and return to center much quicker and without having to pull back from life.

We will Soul Power the chakras so that after 7 weeks, you are standing on a rock solid foundation with a recognition of your gifts and potentials, as well know with certainty that you are fully supported by, and can flow with life force energy itself with much more ease and flow.

Soul Power is the final key to creating inner growth, inner strength and inner power necessary to bring to life the difference you came here to do.

In this training you will:

  • Identify the chakras governing your body, mind, heart and spirit, and how to know if they are open or blocked
  • Discover how each of the seven chakras impacts how you engage in life experiences
  • Learn the 6 universal human needs and how each one determines the direction you take in life
  • Learn how to break out of unhealed trauma and destructive patterns and put an end to burnout, depression and overwhelm
  • Recognize the behavior of procrastination, judgment, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome
  • Uncover why you are stuck in a mindset of scarcity and lack of confidence, as well as why you struggle with communication and indecision
  • Begin to boost your chakras to experience more inner balance and harmony
  • Gain tools, tips and tricks to balance your chakras so you can feel peaceful within and in the world around you
  • Learn how to balance your chakras so you can rise into your power and liberate yourself from patterns of self-abuse and disempowerment
  • Be more open to receiving love, support and appreciation from the people that surround you
  • Reconnect to your passion, purpose and be fully expressed in embodying what fulfills your Soul

This training is for you if:

  • You are a high-achiever who has experienced success in your professional life as a leader, executive, coach and changemaker and ready to step into Soul Powered leadership and uplevel in service and contribution.
  • You are highly skilled and hold prestigious degrees and certifications, and have done a ton of personal and spiritual work, but nothing has quite addressed the gap between what you know and the growing restlessness and yearning within.
  • You have done some inner work to unleash your emotional intelligence — maybe even therapy or energy healing — but you are looking for the next step to truly feel whole, congruent and integrated and quit slipping back into undesired behaviors.
  • You are looking to fully express yourself and be free to fulfill your Soul’s calling.
  • You are ready to create the life of your dreams.

Leaders, executives, coaches & changemakers, your 7 week journey to wholeness awaits. Soul Power Your Chakras so you can more powerfully step into the life, love, and leadership that the world needs right NOW.

Week 1:


Week 1: Foundations

Shift from Self Preservation to Self Reliance

Build on your own solid foundations in life. Release fear, unsafety and insecurity.

Week 2:


Week 2: Self Mastery

Shift from Self Gratification to Self-Worth

No longer dwell with lower vibrations or feelings of inadequacy. Unleash your creativity. Master your mind and emotions.

Week 3:


Week 3: Personal Power

Shift from Self Definition to Self Empowerment

Don't let fear hold you back. Experience new ways of feeling bold, empowered and free. 

Week 4:


Week 4: The Love Chakra

Shift from Self Love to Divine Love

Allow yourself to feel more deeply. Learn how to open up the heart and return to your natural state of Divine Love. 

Week 5:


Week 5: The Power of the Spoken Word

Shift from Self Expression to Divine Truth

Express yourself truly and authentically. Your spirit, heart and mind are aligned when you speak your truth. 

Week 6:


Week 6: Higher Knowing

Shift from Self Awareness to Divine Knowing

Learn to trust your inner voice and find new pathways. Discover new opportunities, peace and fulfillment. 

Take advantage of this crazy low introductory price. Seriously! No more excuses. I made this a no-brainer decision for you because the time to step up and step into your Soul Power is NOW.

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