Make confident decisions, embrace your grace & redefine your inner power.

The Sovereign Archetype is the leader of the tribe of archetypes that you have access to. 

This training is meant to:

  • Offer you a chance to step into your highest power, the Sovereign energy.
  • Teach you the three main functions of the Sovereign
  • Give you tools you can use to embody the Sovereign 
  • Offer practical tools to transform stress and anxiety to meaningful messages 
  • Help you uncover where your true power is - even in situations you feel you can't change

It's live! Come ask questions!

We'll be live as our monthly live trainings are. I'm hoping you'll share this and join us!

March 21 at 2 pm EST

The training will be approximately 45 minutes and then as long as you like for Q & A.

YES!! There will be a recording, but come join us live because you know there's gifts and offers for those who join us live!