Unlock My ULTIMATE Secret Success Formula To Using Your Voice Without Feeling Like a Fraud

Are you a woman in a male dominated sector?

Do you feel scared to speak up and feel your ideas are not valid?

Do you feel that your voice doesn't count?

Do you feel like you are holding yourself back, leaving you powerless and that you cant be who you really are?


No longer feeling like a FRAUD

No longer feeling like you're not good enough or SMART enough

Knowing that you don't need to be a man to make it to the top

Introducing Emma

Hi, my name is Emma

After speaking to many women over the last few years I was noticing that they face the same struggles as I did throughout my own career in male dominated sectors.

I felt scared to speak up and always felt like my opinions and ideas were less worthy than my male colleagues. I was far too often accused of being overly emotional or sensitive.

It wasn't until I discovered the framework that would help me find my inner balance and confidence that things really started to change and I felt like I could take on the world.

The more confident I felt to speak out, the more my colleagues started to respect me and my career sky-rocketed! I now not only had a seat at the table but I had a respected voice too!

In the Speak Up, Speak Out group coaching programme I take you through the exact steps I took to feel empowered, confident, creative and inspired.

This is your time to SPEAK UP in the workplace and SPEAK OUT with IMPACT!

It’s Time To Transform Your Life With The Help Of The Speak Up, Speak Out Programme

Wave Goodbye To...

Feeling weak around men in the workplace

Feeling judged because of your feminine qualities

Lack of creativity and inspiration

Feeling like a fraud and unempowered

How can The Speak Up, Speak Out Group Coaching Programme Help You?

The 6-week Speak Up, Speak Out group coaching programme will take you on a journey of inner discovery and give you the exact framework to elevate you into a POWERFUL leader. 

  • Create breakthrough goals to elevate you and your career to new levels
  • Smash through your limiting beliefs that you know are holding you back, identify old outdated ones you may not even be aware of, and replace them with NEW empowering beliefs
  • Implement habits and rituals that will set you up for success
  • Claim your personal power with tangible tools to Speak UP in meetings or in the workplace
  • Tools to present with confidence and communicate with conviction
  • How to craft and cultivate a successful network


  • Leveraging the ancient art of meditation for life-changing results
  • Build a rock-solid mindset towards you body. Your body is the vehicle to your success!
  • Implement habits and rituals that will set you up for success
  • How to be HEARD on podcasts and share your own unique story


Unlimited email and Whatsapp support from myself and your tribe

You Have Two Options...

But Don’t Just Take It From Me...

 Here’s PROOF!

"Emma is a passionate advocate for women’s leadership and networking. With the establishment of WILD, Emma has filled a void and created the perfect platform for women to come together. As a CEO leader, I’m all about the desire to give back and help inspire other women for greater personal and professional success. Emma and WILD are doing exactly that!"

Debbie Kristiansen 

CEO Novo Cinemas

"It’s difficult to find the right words to portray just how phenomenal Emma is. Her unique spirit and energy she brings to every one of her projects is inspiring. Emma is relentlessly dedicated to helping women succeed in an authentic and effective way. I am therefore very proud to know her and I have full confidence that anyone considering working with her will never look back!"

Selini Bishop 

Bishop Design

"A succulent Wild Woman is one of any age who feels free to fully express herself in every dimension of her life”. What a great and appropriate quote! As women we possess so much power to inspire and influence; WILD is a great platform to do just that. Its amazing to see Women owning their creative power and I love the way WILD embraces and supports this. WILD is a perfect example of women coming together to show solidarity."

Diane Thorsen 

Design Director-Gensler

"I have watched Emma go through her own challenges and build WILD from the ground up. I was always so inspired by her enthusiasm and energy.

I started working with her as I too wanted to start my own venture.

Emma has helped me overcome fears and implement structures to establish my business!

I can’t thank her enough, her knowledge and energy is admirable"

Geraldine Peterson

Business Owner 

"I started coaching with Emma when I moved from Dubai to the U.K. She helped me with this transition and taught me to truly believe in myself and go after what I wanted in life!

She supported me in building my confidence, coaching me to be able to present and prepped me for an interview for which I landed my dream job in a competitive market!

I can’t thank her enough for her guidance and support. Working with her has made such a difference and I’m so grateful!"

Sophie Kearney 


"I was part of the first smaller women’s group Emma ran a few years ago and wow what a journey! I have watched her dedicate so much passion, relentless hard work and energy to grow WILD from nothing into the amazing community it is today. Emma is deeply committed to change for Women and gender balance. She is trail blazing the way, leading by example and is fierce in her pursuit. I admire what she has created and what WILD represents."

Yulliana Porter 

Head of Workplace & Design-JLL

It is time for you to SPEAK UP & SPEAK OUT so you can be SEEN, HEARD and UNDERSTOOD!

  • Create clear and focused goals that get you closer to the life of your dreams
  • Become your own SHERO! The inner hustle is the bedrock to your success
  • Build WILDLY successful habits 
  • Learn how to empower yourself to put your hand up for what you deserve
  • Nail you pitch and inspire those around you
  • How to craft and cultivate a successful network


3 Power sessions with industry experts in meditation, body confidence and podcasting!

To ensure the most powerful learning experience I am limiting the group numbers and only accepting those ladies who are committed to making REAL change!

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