Are you Parenting a child who...

- Has big emotions?

- Seems to crave power struggles?

- Gets frustrated quickly?

- Has high energy?

- Asks a lot of questions?

- Speaks out of turn often?

- Has behaviors that feel difficult to manage?

If so, this group is just for you!

We meet monthly over Zoom to discuss topics like how to: reduce and prevent power struggles, protect your energy as a parent, hold firm boundaries within loving limits, keep a strong bond with your strong-willed child, and support their autonomy and independence.

Fresh Ideas

Get new tools that will help you connect more effectively with your child.

Meet Live

Parent Coach, Kacie facilitates this group live along with other moms of spirited children.


During each session we dive in deep through a series of journaling prompts.


This group will resume meetings in August 2023! 

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You can take my word for it, but I'd rather let my clients do the talking.