When the world feels unstable...

You and your family need tools to create inner stability.

You don't have the luxury of long meditations or days in bed to come to terms with the current situation.

  • You have kids to feed and possibly educate.
  • You have life to keep together, with new (and maybe scary) changes ahead.
  • You have a house which has to now be a space of safety, comfort, and balance...more than ever.

All while listening to an inner call to claim this time to create the change you were desiring.

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What You'll Get in this 7 day Challenge

Resources for You.

Once you sign up you'll have resources and downloads sent to your inbox.

These resources include:

2 downloads for you. 

An Mp3 Meditation for balance on Day 1.

and then a few days later an exercise to help you connect to your spiritual center.

Balancing Tools for your Kids

Your kids probably feel nervous underneath, even though they might not be talking about it. 

Let's get them a Project to create a feeling of safety and grounded energy on Day 2.

And then an exercise for understanding ENERGY and how to create feelings of balance on Day 5.

Family Connection Exercises

You are in this together with your kids, so let's use this time for connection.

On Day 3 and Day 6 You will be sent processes to create authentic, connected experiences with your kids, so you can make the best of this time together.

And then there's Day 7...

With balance in place for you and your kids, and building blocks of connection cemented for your whole family...

Day 7 is a time to Energetically tie it all together with a process that creates presence, and feelings of stability and spiritual security within your home.

And it won't end there.

Everything you gain here will be able to be practiced week after week, anchoring you in balance, stability and authentic alignment to the parent you WANT to be in this time of crisis.

The recordings and resources will be yours to keep and conversation with support available for you in the Facebook Group long after the challenge is over.

Christina Fletcher

Christina Fletcher is a Spiritually Aware Parent Coach and Energy Healer who is passionate about helping parents find heart center and presence in the chaos, creating balance and grounded energy through your home.

A Homeschooling mom for the past 12 years, with 3 kids and a home business, Christina knows how to use inner tools for juggling a big load. Add the fact that her and her husband of 18 years had a homestead farm in Nova Scotia while they raised their young family. Christina wrote her first 3 books and starting coaching, and homeschooled through almost 10 years of "self isolation" during that time. Christina is eager to share her tools with you at this stressful time.

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