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Eight Spiritual Practices e-book

Spending most of your days hurrying around, feeling overwhelmed, and being just too busy, makes it difficult to set apart time for praying, thinking, and sharing your heart with God.

Meanwhile, the days, months, and years seem to be flying by us at the speed of light. You have great ideas and things you want to do, but finding the time to slow down and focus is almost impossible.

There's a wealth of power available to you when you meet with God each day.

You can access His Power by learning more about Him and communicating with Him through these Eight Spiritual Practices.

In this e-Book you'll learn:

  1. Prayer & Meditation
  2. Bible Reading, Study, & Memorization
  3. Praise & Worship
  4. Service & Hospitality
  5. Fasting
  6. Journaling
  7. Sabbath
  8. Creative Silence & Solitude

Don't worry. You won't have to do all eight! Just pick one or two and practice.  

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Deneen TB

I’ve provided clarity and focus for hundreds of Christian women business owners and entrepreneurs. 

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