This workshop is for you if...

-> You have an idea for your service-based business. You know you have so much to offer your clients, and you know you need to stand out from your competitors to succeed.

-> You want to make sure you’re setting your business up for success. You want to do things right the first time around, and not realize after many months and thousands of dollars that some simple research could have saved your a ton of time and effort.

-> You know it’s important to understand how you stack up against your competitors, and you want to learn how to set yourself apart.

You'll learn...

01. Why it’s so important to do competitor research in the early stages of starting your business.

02. How to do simple and effective competitor research that doesn’t take tons of time or money. Trust me, I spent four years at a top-three global ad agency doing competitor research on multi-million dollar initiatives for US government and Fortune 500 clients.

03. How to interpret your competitor research so you can find - and leverage - market gaps and opportunities where your business will thrive.

04. The competitor landscape scan method – in fact, you’ll get my competitive landscape scan template. And you can start using it IMMEDIATELY. This is the same template that I used to launch my business to six figures in less than a year. Up until now, this template has only been available inside my Zero to Launch program.

Investment: The training is just $57. A ridiculously cheap price to pay to be able to set your business up for success…FOREVER. And learn an incredibly valuable skill that you can take with you. Just think how many sales this will be for you!

Everyone who signs up will get access to the training for 48 hours.

Can’t wait to see you at the training! In the meantime, join my slack fam for budding entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Note: This training is free to all my Zero to Launch participants!

Hey, I’m Tasha! I help service-based entrepreneurs build their dream business. I’m a bilingual and multicultural strategist with ten years of project management, communications, and marketing experience with the world’s leading brands, publishers, and nonprofits. I’ve received over a dozen industry awards, including from the Shorty Social Good Awards, the Public Relations Society of America, and the American Advertising Federation. I’m the Founder and CEO of Duraca Strategic, where I offer branding and marketing strategy consulting services. Give me a shout on Instagram @duraca.strategic and let me know you’re coming to the training so I can get excited with you!