Are You Fully Plugged In to

Your Divine Guidance?

What If You Could Feel:

  • More relaxed?
  • Less anxious?
  • Deeply joyful?
  • Connected to your surroundings?
  • Aware and in tune with your perfect work?
  • On track and in harmony with your sacred calling?

These are just some of the effects of being fully plugged in to your Divine Guidance. 

The pages in this booklet offer brief assessments for comparing where you are now in contrast to where you could be. Learn simple ways to lift your Divine connection to the next level.

What’s Included:

Within this booklet are four assessment sheets based on Jamie's  book Stop Getting Sick–Start Living Well. Each sheet explains the difference between being in a connected state and not and what to do if you find yourself lacking. The four sheets cover different types of connection asking, "Are You Fully Plugged In to. . ."

1. Your Inner Guidance and Higher Self

This is your built-in spiritual guidance system for fulfilling your soul’s sacred calling. Also included are eight specialized prayers for opening doors and receiving the divine answers you seek.

2. Your Body’s Inner Guidance System for Wellness

This is the guidance offered to you from your physical body. Learn how to recognize its messages and how they reveal your next life steps toward happiness and fulfillment.

3. Your Heart’s Deepest Desires

Discover why those constant nagging and seeming impossible desires keep welling up within your heart and mind. Also included are six ways to step forward into the fulfillment of those desires.

4. Your Ancestry

Discover the connection between your life challenges and those of your ancestors. Learn why they keep occurring and the gifts you’ve been handed down to overcome them.

Also Included:

As a convenience for readers of Stop Getting Sick–Start Living Well, you'll also receive copies of the following forms from the book including:

  • Body Assessment Form. This form helps you to see how your body is sending your Divine guidance.
  • Ancestral Research Form. This form helps you to discover patterns within your ancestry.
  • Balloon Exercise Form. This form teaches you how to discover new and shadow parts of yourself.

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