Do you find that you never have time to look after yourself?

Are you always putting other people first and making sure they're okay?

Do you often feel overwhelmed, resentful and frustrated?

In this 1 hour workshop, you'll discover exactly what's keeping you stuck in this place and stopping you from choosing yourself. Please note, this is a recorded replay of a workshop I ran live earlier in the year - you'll receive the recording and the slides!

The workshop is led by me - Meg! I'm a Life Coach and a recovering people pleaser myself. I help people pleasers to stop putting everyone else first and put their needs at the top of the list.

After watching the workshop, you will

  • Have more awareness of what's getting in the way of doing what you want
  • Feel confident in communicating your needs
  • Know how to create more balanced relationships where you feel heard
  • Be able to say no to others' demands and prioritise yourself

Previous workshop attendees have said:

  • "Great session, I took a lot away from it"
  • "I'm now able to value myself and trust my gut"
  • "I was left inspired"

Grab the workshop now...