Is an adult you love having problems with alcohol or drugs?

Are you worried that your helping might be enabling their use?

Want to know how to stop enabling?

Look no further! This short programme is for you...

Living with Family Addiction? Stop Enabling. Start Helping.

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This course is for you if you...

Want to truly understand what helping is and what enabling is

Want to explore the impact of enabling on you, your wider family and your loved one

Want to know how to stop enabling using simple strategies

Want to know how to truly help your loved one so that it helps you and your family

Reduce your stress and live a better life

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I’m Victoria Seed and I help family members recover from a loved one’s drug or alcohol use.

I understand how hard it is to be in your situation and not know whether how you are handling it is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. You may feel alone. You may not have told anyone about what’s going on.

You may have only just realised your loved one has a problem.

You may not be able to find the help you need that fits you and your situation.

All I can say is that you are doing your best and none of what you are going through is your fault.

If you wanna go from frazzled and stressed to clear and confident in your helping, this is for you.

I can help you do things differently.

I don’t believe in ‘tough-love’ I don’t believe in people having to hit ‘rock-bottom’ to stop using or reduce their substance use. I KNOW there is another way.

If you are sick and tired of trying everything and nothing is working. I can help you learn to do things differently. 

You will not just be told to 'stop enabling' or 'throw them out' or 'cut ties'. 

It doesn't have to be that way!

What if you can live your OWN life while being compassionate, caring and loving with your person?

What if you could truly understand what exactly is going to help and what is just going to keep making it easier for your loved one to carry on using their substance?

This is EXACTLY what this course will do.

Come in and get started right away!

How can I help?

I’m Victoria Seed and I help family members recover from a loved one’s drug or alcohol use.

I did not enter this work as a result of personal experience. I am a professionally trained teacher, trainer, drug and alcohol practitioner, consultant NLP Practitioner and Meditation Instructor. I have helped hundreds of individuals, children and families recover from drug or alcohol use since 2005. 

I set up the Vesta Approach a few years ago because I wanted to fill a gap for families that would not or could not access local services due to work commitments or other personal reasons.

My services are private and confidential. 

One of the main topics I get asked about is enabling. While I would never call anyone an 'enabler' (I don't do labels) I know that how to help without enabling is such a crucial topic in family recovery. 

This short programme has been designed specifically for busy people, who cannot go to a group in the evening, or pop out of work during the day for therapy. This programme is full of value and tips AND you can complete it in your own time.

All you need is a laptop/phone and an email address. You will have lifetime access.

Having been a qualified drug and alcohol therapeutic practitioner for many years, specialising in family work, we will be talking about your loved one in a respectful and caring manner. I don’t believe in ‘tough-love’ I don’t believe in people having to hit ‘rock-bottom’ to stop using or reduce their substance use. I KNOW there is another way.

I can help.


Don't wait for your loved one to change...

Get your own help now!

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Here's how the course is going to work...

The programme has 4 modules, each with a video and workbook so that you can apply the modules to YOU and your unique situation.

You can complete it in a few hours!

Then... it's over to you try out your new skills and knowledge! 

The Modules

Introduction and welcome

Prior to the course starting, I will introduce you to the programme, how it works and what we are going to cover. You have an onboarding questionnaire to complete at the start and end of the course so you can track your progress. 

Module 1 - What is helping? What is enabling?
Here, we will explore what enabling is, what helping is and why people enable with examples that you can identify with. 

In your workbook, you'll be mapping out all the ways you have tried to help and identify which of those behaviours are truly helpful and which might be removing the consequences of your loved one's drinking or drug use. 

    Module 2 - The impact of enabling
    Here, we will look at some of the themes of enabling and how these apply to you. Then, we will look at the impact on you and your family. Next, the impact of enabling on your loved one and their substance using behaviour and the possible long-term outcomes.

    Module 3 - Stopping enabling

    In this module, we are going to think about what needs to change and what your options are in terms of stopping any enabling behaviours. This is not about stopping EVERYTHING if it doesn't feel safe to do so. It's about identifying boundaries and communicating them positively with your loved one. 

    Module 4 - Becoming a helpful helper

    Here, we are going to explore what healthy helping means. Then, plan how you are going to make these changes effectively. Lastly, we will look at how you can communicate these changes with your loved one and start focusing on YOU.


    Final words about where you started, what you've gained and how to start living your life, fully and free from addiction. 


    What happens when I pay?

    Payments are taken via Stripe. Once you pay, you will shortly receive an email with joining instructions and you can get started right away!

    Will I get results?

    If you complete the programme and implement the learning, you will start to see a change. I can't guarantee your loved one will change but YOU will. 

    How much time will it take?

    The course will take about 3 hours to complete, including the workbooks, maybe longer if you're a detail person like me! The best thing is, you do this in your own time! Around you and your individual, family and work commitments!

    What should I get help and not them?

    If you want to wait for your loved one to change, that's your choice, but... I'm guessing it hasn't worked so far. You cannot control your loved one, only yourself and your actions, So why not start today and begin to change your own life, regardless of your loved one's choices?
    Most people who use drugs are in denial of the true extent of their problem. You getting help often influences a change in them.

    Drop me a message if you have any other questions

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    Your Investment

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    Remember... you will leave this programme...

    Knowing what enabling is and how to leave these behaviours behind

    Knowing how to be a helpful helper

    Understanding HOW to communicate these changes with your loved one

    With a head-start in creating a better life for you and your family

    Starting to live your own life AND still love and care for your loved one

    Having the BEST possible chance to get your loved one to start making a change

    Yep! Get me in now!

    No more confusion, only clarity

    No more ‘being stuck’ , only moving on

    No more not knowing want to do, to knowing how to do it

    No more opinions, only professional advice from 15 years’ experience of helping families recover.

    You are not alone! Victoria x

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