Are you parenting a child with 

baffling behaviors?

10 curated-in-order podcast episodes

that will give you the foundation you need to understanding your child's most baffling behaviors and parent the way you want to.

Parents of kids 


need 3 Key Things

1. Understand the neuroscience of behavior

WHY? Not to add to your mental burden but to help YOU become your child's expert. Not a therapist, not a coach, not a parenting expert on Instagram. YOU. And your child, of course.

2. A toolbox full of tools

And not just tools- tools that actually work.  Tools that help you solve the real problem- which actually isn't the behavior.  It's the regulation, connection, and felt-safety in the nervous system that is underneath the behavior.

3. Deep connection and attunement to yourself

Have you ever thought- I know all these things!  Why can't I do them?  It's because knowing isn't even half the battle- not even close to half, actually.  The more connected to yourself you are, the more self-compassion you have, and the wider your window of stress tolerance is, the more likely you are to parent the way you want to. 

the START HERE podcast

is a curated, 10-episode podcast that will give you a solid introduction to the neuroscience of behavior.

The neuroscience of behavior will

  • end behavior whack-a-mole
  • increase your confidence as a parent
  • change how you see your child- which eventually becomes the most important tool in the tool box.

The most baffling behaviors will begin to make sense.

Are you trying to help a child who has been labeled with

  • DMDD
  • ODD
  • PTSD
  • RAD
  • Anxiety
  • Intermittent Explosive Behaviors

Or maybe a child with a history of

  • Trauma
  • Toxic Stress
  • Attachment trauma and loss

Or maybe a child with none of those labels or history

but a child who is struggling. A child who demonstrates baffling behaviors, and now you find yourself baffled by YOUR behavior as you try to help them?

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