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I  write sci-fi, fantasy, horror, LitRPG, and post-apocalyptic fiction and harem. Inspired by video games, movies, anime, technology as well as my own life experiences writing has been a deep passion of mine since childhood. 

I am also an award winning graphic designer, producer, and musician whose goal is to encourage and inspire others through storytelling. 

My work includes the series Star Divers, Vampire Sorcerer, Temple of the Storm, and Deep Darkness.

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My newest collaboration with Alex Itsios is available now!

Monster girls, vampire sorcerers, and dungeon cores to discover! Warning: The novel contains LitRPG, ISEKAI and Light Novel elements, adult situations with monster girls, graphic violence, and some mind blowing scenes.

My newest collaboration with Robbie Ballew is available now!

Bounty Hunters, Slavers, Dragons, Dinosaurs -- This is not how most faun girls spend their honeymoon.

Star Divers: Dungeons of Bane

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