Stepmommin' 101:

The Ultimate Survival Guide For All Stepmoms

What IS Stepmommin' 101? ​


This is the Ultimate Survival Guide for Today's Stepmom!

But what does that mean exactly?


Picture This...


>>You & Your Spouse Actually AGREEING on Topics Concerning Your Step Family!


>>NOT Fighting Over Your Step Children's VS Bio Children's Behaviors or Actions


>>NOT Feeling Insecure or Jealous When The EX Topic Surfaces


>>NOT Being Entirely Consumed By Annoying Stepmom Stressors


>>Being Able to Attend or Even Host Joint Family Events WITHOUT Hiding In The Corner, Feeling Left Out, or Awkward


Can you even BEGIN to picture any of those situations taking place as your step family is right now?

If you answered no, then you are in the RIGHT place!!

What's all Included in this course?

8 Jammed Packed Modules

Stepmommin' 101 provides with ALL the tools and strategies needed for any stepmom, no matter what stage of step-motherhood you are currently in!!

Workbook Included

In addition to the modules filled with amazing content, Stepmommin' 101 included a printable workbook that goes right along with the course!

Always Avaiable Content

Once you enroll in Stepmommin' 101 you will have FOREVER access to the content + any future updates to the course!!

Bonus Activities & Projects

In addition to the 8 Module course, Workbook, and Always Available content, with Stepmommin' 101 you get activities, discussion questions, and projects in almost every lecture!

Designed Specifically for Stepmoms BY a Stepmom

This content is not just random facts you can pick up on the internet, sure some of it maybe, but A LOT of this has been a hands on learning experience BY me!

Beneficial For The Entire Family

Of course, this course is designed primarily for stepmoms, but I have included several activities that involve you an your spouse, and you an your children/stepchildren, and even for some of you all together!

FREE Invite to My Facebook Group +Pinterest Group Boar

When you complete Stepmommin' 101 you will defiantly have found your Bonus Mom Tribe, you will get an exclusive & FREE Invite to both of these Incredible Stepmom groups!

There is ONE more feature I forgot to mention above! 

When you enroll an complete Stepmommin' 101, you will get an entire MONTH FREE trial to my new Private Stepmom Community The Bonus Mom Club!!

Your probably wondering how I know how to make all of those amazing situations happen, huh?

 Well, that's because I was in that EXACT spot 4 years ago!

Yes, I have been a mom and a stepmom for 4 years and I am still learning new ways to be a better stepmom, every single day.BUT I had to tackle the BIG humps to even begin bettering myself, my role as a mom and stepmom, as a wife, and as a person! 

Let Me Help You Tackle YOUR Big Humps!​​

What Does Stepmommin' 101 Cover?

Great Question!

Stepmommin' 101 Covers:

>>>Laying the Foundation for Your Blended Family

>>>Establishing Roles & Healthy Boundaries 

>>>Stepmom Stressors: What they are & How to control them

>>>How to Deal With Your Own Insecurities & Faults

>>>How to STOP Allowing the Small Stuff To Consumer You

>>>How to be a Confident Wife, Mom, and Stepmom

>>>How to Create a Healthy Relationship With His Ex

>>>How to Handle (Non)stepmoms Judgments & Gossip

>>>How to Love Yourself as a person & a stepmom

 >>>How to ROCK the Stepmom Role

>>>How to Still LOVE and Enjoy Your Marriage After Blending Your Family

>>>How to Co-parent Effectively

>>>How to be a Happy Stepmom & Stop Caring SO Much(about things that don't truly matter)

With Stepmommin' 101 you get all of these INCREDIBLE content, tools, & strategies to totally conquer Step-motherhood!

All of this for



Who Should Enroll In This Course?

>>Struggling Stepmoms Who WANT a Change In Her Step Family But Can't Seem to Find the Right Route to Take to Make an actual Change
>>Stepmoms Who Find Themselves Going Day-to-Day Worrying Sick About the Step family Affairs
>>Stepmoms Who Feel as if Her Marriage is Suffering Due to Step Family Drama 
>>Stepmoms Who Feel Overwhelmed
>>Stepmoms Who Feel as if She Has Lost "Herself" Since Becoming a Stepmom
>>Stepmoms Who Are Ready to STOP Caring so Much and START Loving Her Life Once Again!

Is that YOU?? 
Are YOU ready for the CHANGE that NEEDS to happen??

Are YOU Convinced Yet?

Oh ya, your waiting on a price aren't you??

Okay, Lets Recap:

When you enroll in Stepmommin' 101 you get:

 8 JAMMED PACKED filled with every tool, strategy, & resource for all stepmoms at any stage of step-motherhood


My other 2 Stepmom Courses COMPLETELY FREE, this is a $170 SAVINGS (while the bundle deal lasts)


2 Printable Workbooks savings of at least $50 combined


1 Month Free Trial to The Bonus Mom Club savings of $25/month


Free Facebook & Pinterest Stepmom Group Invites


Forever FREE Access to this course an its attributes +  any future updates


 FREE access to a Stepmom Support System which is of course PRICELESS!!  

You Must Think I'm Crazy Giving This Much Away For So Little!

I'm not crazy, I just want other stepmoms to have resources and tools readily available to them, unlike what I had, which was NOTHING!

The cost of this course is really not the  most important factor to me, although it is still a factor, unfortunately this is the real world.

So now my question for you is....

Why Wait to Make the Change You and I Both Know NEEDS to Happen!

You Should Be Able to Live Relaxed & Happy Even as a Stepmom, Now YOU Can!! 

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Hmmm.. IS that ANOTHER reason to enroll??

I believe so!!


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