If you are feeling overwhelmed about any of the following…

Not enough time.

Not enough money.

Not enough focus.

Not enough energy.

Not enough support.

This workshop is made for you.


August 10, 2019, Saturday


10:00-11:30am (9:30am registration, 10:00am start)


Vancity Credit Union - Commercial Drive Community Branch, 1675 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC V5L 3Y3



For corporate workshop details please email for more info at info@8020livingco.com

"The workshop was what I expected and more. I thought it was very well presented and the ideas were easy to understand. I felt comfortable within the group, and learned a lot from the dialogue that took place.  I felt more aware of my thoughts and the types of thoughts I am having.  I've experienced a mind shift already!" - Robyn

In this 1.5 hour hands-on workshop you will discover:

  • Why your overwhelm repeats over and over in a vicious cycle.
  • How you can change the root cause to your overwhelm.
  • How to feel better emotionally and mentally about your situation.
  • How to get unstuck and get sh!t done.
  • How to build strength and resilience to overcome feeling overwhelmed again.









Hello! I’m Vanessa Leung, Certified Life + Wellness Coach.  Feeling overwhelmed was my specialty.  For over 30 years I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by thinking that my external environment was the problem - my relationships, my family, my career, my health and my self-worth.  I blamed them all.


I was constantly trying to take control and fix everything in my life.  When I felt stuck, I would find comfort in over-working, over-drinking and overindulging in my drama.


I was sick of it all.  I was sick of feeling depressed and totally drained at the end of the day, feeling sorry for myself, looking for external validation and spinning around in a vicious cycle of not getting the results I wanted.  


I knew I had to change something!  


That something... was me and my mind.  In the last 5 years, I turned to the amazing world of personal development, applied everything I learned from my teachers and transformed my life.


I set my busy mind free when I learned that I had COMPLETE CONTROL over the results in my life.  I learned that I could create a life of abundance that I love and deserve.


I stopped my over-working, over-drinking and manifested the love of my life.  I changed my lifestyle.  I took control of my health and became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ and Reiki Energy Practitioner.  I stepped out of my career as a lighting designer and into a career as a Certified Life and Wellness Coach.  


Everything that happened in my life led me to this amazing blessing that I can now share with you.  


You don’t have to do this alone!


We are all in this together!  I still feel overwhelmed sometimes.  The difference now is that I know how to take control, manage it and gain value from it.  I no longer allow overwhelm to run my life and stop me in my tracks.


My hope is for you to set your busy mind free and cause less unwanted stress for yourself.  You have the most amazing creative power within to gain clarity, live in abundance and to express your true creative self!


My goal in this workshop is to show you how to use your own power to stop feeling overwhelmed in all aspects of your life, so that you can...





"I felt very motivated after the workshop to introduce some of Vanessa's suggestions into my life. I gained some insight into my own thought patterns and behaviours. Additionally, some helpful tools and ideas on how to adjust those behaviours. I really liked Vanessa's straightforward and friendly approach, as well as her overall demeanour. She was very knowledgeable, and I hope to work with her again." - John


You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed! 

Invite a friend to join you!