We all do it!

🍫We're frustrated with our children so we grab chocolate.

🍟We're stressed about work and buy some french fries in the drive thru on the way home.

🍨We're worried about finances so we eat popcorn and ice cream as we do bills.

And we feel better for a hot 3 minutes... then the frustration, stress and worry return.

But this time, they bring an upset stomach, extra pounds and regret.

Let me teach you how to STOP THIS CYCLE!
Watch this Masterclass and learn:

✔️What is actually causing you to stress, get mad or worry.

✔️Why your brain wants you to think these emotions are SO important.

✔️The surprising lies your brain tells you so you won't get out of the cycle.

✔️Steps to stop the overeating cycle.

✔️What to do if you find yourself in the middle of emotional eating.

✔️Tips to plan AHEAD for when you DO crave these foods - since we're always going to want some hot, crunchy fries from time to time!

✔️Specific holiday overeating tips and tools.

A confident mother is the best gift to her family.