The perfect sales course for freelancers, side hustlers, solopreneurs, and anyone else who needs people to buy from them... but hates to sell.

Just because other salespeople have been trained to manipulate and bully doesn't mean you have to sell that way too.

Check any top-10 list of most-hated jobs and you're likely to find a sales role near the top (sometimes in multiple positions!) From car dealers to insurance sales to telephone solicitors to email spammers -- Nothing may happen until someone makes a sale, but the world loves to hate people who sell for a living.

But more importantly...

How do YOU feel about Sales?


Associate the word “sales” as being pushy, arrogant, and trying to trick people into buying something they don’t need?


Watch online sales videos from the  “experts” and feel dirty and ashamed afterward?


Feel sick to your stomach at the very idea of reaching out to strangers and asking them for money?


Avoid telling your friends what you do because you’re worried about sounding “salesy”?


Discount (or give away!) your services in hopes they'll come back pay you for the next project?


Constantly wish your side hustle or solopreneur business was earning more revenue?

What you'll learn...


Your attitude and expectation will determine more than 50% of your success. It’s all in your point of view.


The right people who need (and are currently seeking) the exact benefits your product or service provides.


Approach prospects by demonstrating you’re not just trying to sell them something (and get your calls & emails returned!)


Define your customer’s specific goals for project success in a way that ensures a victorious outcome.


Referrals to your prospects’ friends and associates (even if they didn’t choose to buy from you themselves!)


You do not have to be a natural born salesperson. You just have to focus your own personal strengths to win more sales.


You will learn one super simple thing (it can be explained it in three words) you can do after you LOSE a sale which positions you to win the next project (and there’s always a next project).

It’s simple, yet 99% of “professional” salespeople don’t do this -- and it virtually locks them out of any future sales to that client.

Reserve Your Launch Discount

For years, I have been successfully coaching and advising clients on a private contract basis to implement my creative strategies in their own businesses to earn new customers, increase sales, and develop customer loyalty.

These custom methods have now been distilled into a course designed to help a greater number of people who realize their future now depends on being able to develop business on their own.

Anyone working in any niche will be able to immediately apply these techniques and begin experiencing positive results in their sales and outreach.

The course content is under development, with the soft launch of the course planned for later this year. The course will be priced at a minimum of $199 dollars, but anyone who subscribes to the updates list will receive an exclusive charter-member discount offer.

If what you've read about the benefits of my creative approach appeals to you, I would love to welcome you into a small group of early-adopter students who don’t mind working around a few “wet paint” signs or stumbling across the odd typo or two as they make their way through the beta version of this brand new course.

In return for signing-up early (and your willingness to provide feedback via email, surveys, and a user testimonial) you will receive an exclusive discounted rate for the entire full-version of the final course with free access to any future upgrades or improvements I make to the content.

But you have to sign-up and add your name to the list now!

This offer may expire at any time.



Casey B.

Advertising Account Executive

Spending a few hours with "Don The Idea Guy" allowed me to take a $5K ad budget and turn it into a $30K marketing campaign.

Don’s creativity and ability to connect with sales reps (and their clients) are a winning combination in securing maximum dollars with maximum ROI in a competitive sales environment.

Brett J.

Sales Professional

I highly recommend contacting Don and putting him to work for you. In just one hour, he helped me put together ideas using pre-existing digital assets, and within one week's time I used these ideas to increase my long-term billing by 40%.

Don brings real-world consultative brainstorming to generate new revenue streams for your company.

Rebecca G.

Recruiting Manager

The Idea Guy's advice for a creative follow-up approach with a prospect who wasn't returning my emails resulted in an almost-immediate response, and they signed-up as a client just 24-hours later! The tactic is repeatable and I can't wait to try it with my next prospect.

Don's techniques make selling (helping!) fun, are quick to put into action, and set me apart from the competition.

A Creative Approach Gets Results!

Meet Your Creative Selling Consultant

Don The Idea Guy

Most people get a chuckle (or give an eye-roll) when they hear that I go by the name Don The Idea Guy.

Some think it's silly, some see the value it has as a personal brand, but no one knows I was given this nickname by a customer.

My personal strategy to deliver value rather than sales pitches resulted in me becoming a trusted resource for my customers and a top sales performer.

You can use these same techniques to sell more to your customers by helping more customers ...signup for Stop Selling At Me!

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