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Stormbird Press is an independent publisher of fiction and nonfiction that defends nature and empowers communities through the power of story (eco-literature).

Stories about our world, and our relationship with nature, have been told by people for thousands of years. It is how we share our moral tales, empower ourselves with knowledge, and pass wisdom to the future. Around campfires and hearths, beside streams, across tundras, under the shadow of mountains or the wide branches of mighty trees, and in the pages of Stormbird’s books, people’s stories and wisdom carry like feathers in the wind.

Stormbird Press is deeply connected to the global environment movement, as an imprint of Wild Migration. We know that if local communities are empowered, they can be guardians of their biological and cultural heritage and the wildlife they live with.

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Birdsong After the Storm: Averting the Tragedy of Global Wildlife Loss

There is a storm brewing. Humans may survive the turmoil and onslaught of climate change and political upheaval, but the world they create will be brittle and harsh. In choosing between the market, people, and wildlife, we are casting a future where a tiger’s footprints will not be seen in snowdrifts, and the deep, pungent smell of elephant musth won’t carry on the wind. Drawing on decades of experience as a wildlife activist, international negotiator, and academic, Dr Margi Prideaux describes how we can amplify voices from Africa, Asia and Latin America. She presents a poignant essay—we need not march into a tragic future where wildness disappears. Tapping local community wisdom, we can design promising potential. We can choose to hear birdsong after the storm.

Release date September 1, 2018
Pages:  120pp
Genre: Nonfiction/politics

Happiness is Green

Donna only daydreams of pulling up stakes and starting a new life, until an impetuous decision catapults her on a soul-changing journey in the Amazon rainforest. Tested mentally, physically and spiritually it is hard for her to feel lost in the wilderness when pure joy pounds in her heart. Written with stirring poignancy, laugh-out-loud humour and deep compassion, Donna captures her real-life experiences of isolation, challenges, and the true beauty of the Amazon rainforest where she taps into a wordless knowledge to recognise it was her wild self who coerced her to travel over ten thousand miles so it could unleash itself.

Release date: September 1, 2018
Pages: 222pp
Genre: Nonfiction/memoir

Tales from the River: An Anthology of River Literature

At a time when wild rivers are imperiled, Tales from the River presents a timely collection of river literature from twenty-one authors exploring our vital relationship with rivers and how they shape our lives. Featuring original writing by award winning authors, and exciting new voices in eco-literature, each writer draws on their wisdom, compassion, and ecological consciousness to create a range of dramatic and timely stories. The stories are grouped by eco-regions, showing that connections with rivers also exist across space. The book asks: How do we stop the terrible decline of our wild rivers? We protect what we love, by standing together on the bank of a river.

Release date: September 1, 2018
Pages: 328pp
Genre: Literary nonfiction