Storytelling Course

Free 5-Day Course

Join our community and take part in the free course. We will help you teach your children to learn other languages

Who we are

We are Alexandra, Isabella, Silvia, Annateresa, Francesca, Anna, Gaby, Triza and Alessandra.

We are 9 teachers/educators, all mums that are raising their children bilingual/trilingual. 

We want to help you, using our skills and resources, in giving children and parents/teachers ideas for using books and to start learning other languages.

Together with us you will see with your eyes how important book are for children learning English as a second language.

During this 5-Day-Course we will show you that books can be used to express your child's full potential.

What happens during the Storytelling course

- Teachers and Educators from our group will prepare a video and/or a pdf file. They will read books and explain how to prepare an activity;

- You will receive a pdf worksheets with crafts/ colouring pages;

- The course will explore storytelling using books through crafts, songs and role play!

- So everyone will prepare a pdf or video from a book;

- You will have the opportunity to choose from different publishers that we represent;

- Attention! The course will be aimed at pre school to primary school children (so books will be for this level).

Take part to the Storytelling Course

What you'll read

The Gruffalo

Bear has a story to tell

What the ladybird heard


You can take my word for it, but I'd rather let my clients do the talking.

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Do you love books? Would you like the possibility to earn an income while selling them? In this course you will find the tools into setting up a business and becoming a book distributor. Hopefully finding friends along the way.