Welcome to the most valuable, loving, nourishing gift that I can give you.

Darling, we are all forging our own paths out here in the world and I want you to know that you are not alone. 

Within you is an inner wise self and an unbreakable connection to spirit, earth and cosmos. Drawing strength and support from this connection is your birthright and your greatest gift. 

There is no-one better placed than YOU to guide and encourage yourself on this miraculous path that is your life!

This is self-care. This is nurturing. This is becoming your own biggest supporter .

The WHOLE SELF mediation is part of my Wings + Intentions online course. I am sharing it as a FREE GIFT because I love to support you in any way I can on this creative journey.

Enjoy your meditation! And do share this with anyone whom you think will love it!! 🌞🐞

Lots of Love,