The Stressless PCS Kit


Are you ready to take control by implementing an organized game plan for the delivery of your household goods?

Whether this is your first move or your 15th, PCSing with the military can be an overwhelming process.

Trust me I've been there!

Hey there, I'm Christine Gallagher! 

My friends call me "C.C.". I've been an active-duty military spouse for over 10 years. I'm the founder of Military Quality of Life Consulting, LLC, an avid military family advocate across multiple industries, and a mother of two 2 amazing boys. I've moved 6 times in the last 10 years, and trust me when I say I know what it's like to spend countless hours and TOO much money preparing for a move that is almost completely out of your control! 

Over the years I've purchased countless colored duct tape rolls, labels of all shapes, sizes, and colors, packages of ink to print on those labels, and every single permanent marker color you can think of for each and every PCS move.

And guess what?

None of those items made the cut in keeping our Household Goods (HHGs) organized in a daunting sea of paper and brown boxes.

As a working military spouse and full-time entrepreneur, maintaining a sense of organization is a must in this life. I thrive off of efficiency and organization, especially during times of turbulence.

That's why I created the Stressless PCS Kit!

The Stressless PCS Kit changed our family’s experience with our military moving process. It gave us back our time, better organization, accountability, and more control.

The Stressless PCS kit is the only one of it’s kind that…

✔️Will give you the structure and agility to take control of organizing your HHGs prior to your move and receiving your shipment with a plan in place.

Will assist all parties involved with the relocation of your HHGs.

✔️Allows you to handwrite notes on customized labels, different from that of the movers. In the case that any items in your shipment get mixed in, lost or delivered to the wrong address, any party can contact you directly to return your belongings safe and sound.

✔️Saves you money! This kit will prevent the purchasing of multiple boxes of labels, numerous rolls of colored tape, packs of multi-colored markers or additional ink to print labels yourself.

✔️Saves time by limiting the guesswork of where your items will go. Using this system may also decrease damage costs as your items will not have to move multiple times.

If you’re ready to save yourself the stress with your next PCS, here’s how we can help...

What's Included in the Stressless PCS Kit?

240 Labels

8 room categories, colors and unique icons are represented in:

72 Bedroom

24 Living Room

24 Bath

24 Kitchen

24 Dining

24 Storage

24 Pro Gear

24 Blank Label Set

12 Die Cut Door Hangers

Assign a room category and color to each space in your home by simply placing a label on each door hanger - directing your HHGs from your current home to your desired room location after they are shipped.

1 Color Coded Room Chart

Properly record the number of boxes per room, proposed floor level your HHGs will be delivered to, and any pertinent PCS notes all in one document.

Our Stressless PCS Kit is for you if...

👉🏼 You want your next PCS to go smoothly and efficiently.

👉🏼 You need some organization amongst the chaos of moving.

👉🏼 You want to lower your stress and turn one aspect of your move into a success.

👉🏼 You're ready to take control by implementing an organized game plan for the delivery of your household goods.

Ready to grab your kit?


What military families are saying...

Still have questions?

Q1: Can I use the Stressless PCS kit for my upcoming DITY move?

A1: Yes! With your DITY move, you are moving yourself so it will be easy for you to use the Stressless PCS kit to keep yourself organized.

Q2: Can the Stressless PCS kit be used in conjunction with military contracted packers?

A2: Yes, of course, you can! Normally the military contracted movers have their own system but you can use this as well so that you know exactly what boxes need to go where. Our kit helps create further accountability that everything will make it to your next duty station. The Stressless PCS kit does not take the place of the movers' system, it just improves it!

Q3: Can the Stressless PCS kit be used in OCONUS moves?

A3: Yes, we highly encourage it! When moving OCONUS there can be a huge language barrier, but with our proven icon and color-coded system, it takes the guesswork out of wondering where each of your boxes came from and where they are intended to go. We even havea section on our 'STORAGE' label that allows you to select 'Long-Term' in the case you have to leave any of your HHGs behind for a long time period. 

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