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October 26th - 28th

Discover my top tips to reset your sugar intake & conquer your cravings

Get ready to kick your sugar habit!

Do you find yourself trying to resist snacking on sugary carbs only to give in then feel bad about it? 

By the end of this challenge you will discover how to:

✅ Crush cravings & reduce them naturally 

✅ Walk past your kid's Halloween stash without grabbing a piece 

✅ Avoid HIDDEN sugars. (It goes by over 50 names!)

✅ Have stable energy throughout the day & even kickstart weight loss

✅ Discover natural sugar alternatives that satisfy your sweet tooth without destroying your health

We start October 26th

With Kelly Bonanno

Eco Lifestyle & Wellness Coach Host of Clean Beauty Scene Podcast

Reset Your Sugar Intake

Kick Your Habit

Conquer Cravings

"I found the experience fun, exciting and informative... Now I feel I am making truly informed decisions about my health. I lost weight, I feel great, have good sustained energy throughout the day and I’m sleeping better.” ~Kelly C