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"It's fitting that Oblivion Black is about artists since this tale of addiction, trauma, love, lust, obsession and redemption is a work of art itself. Christa Wojciechowski has crafted a sexy, gripping story that stays with you longer after you finish it."
Anna David, New York Times bestselling author of Party Girl and By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There

"Oblivion Black is as dark as its name suggests, a novel concealing layers upon layers of depth, like black primer on a Goya canvas. Exploring addiction, obsession, and how what we desire can either drive us to godlike feats or debase us to less than animals, Christa Wojciechowski uses her gift for psychological insight to rival and then trump the Russian masters. Oblivion Black is Clive Barker eroticism married with Tolstoy's tragedy. Her writing is pure heroin."
—Joseph Sale, author of DARK HILARITY

"Nobody writes psychological fiction like Christa Wojciechowski. Oblivion Black is a sumptuous offering of brilliant mind-shredding storytelling that will make you an instant fan of her work - this is a book that announces a major new talent in the world of dark fiction."
—Ross Jeffery, Bram Stoker Nominated author of Tome, Juniper, and Only The Stains Remain.

Cleverly plotted, beautifully characterized, dark and utterly compelling it's clear from the start that Wojciechowski knows how to weave an intriguing narrative and she is quick to hit her stride to give us a haunting and idiosyncratic read with a savvy emotional payoff about taking chances and moving forward.

A superb read that will surely appeal to fans of Romance and Psychological Literary Fiction Oblivion Black proves a powerful start to Wojciechowski's 'Sculptor' series and a 5-star unreservedly recommended read.

... a shadowy meditation on art, lust, fame and its ensuing destruction.

From the first explosive, mind-rattling pages, this novel hits like a tailor-made drug, with well-timed jump cuts of narration and insightful drop-ins to critical moments and revelations.
A sinister and brilliant thriller, Oblivion Black is tense, ominous, and richly imagined for Gothic art lovers and dark fiction fans alike.
—Self-Publishing Review