You'd love to find:


To heal the old patterns, traumas and programming you have. You are looking for DNA and genealogical healing that will transform you. 


    Imagine what it would feel to have focus, clarity and direction. To be truly in your intuitive flow and track.


    Confirmation of your vision. Yes it is real and you can implement it.


    Alignment and a deeper connection to your intuition and soul purpose.


    Courage to stay accountable and responsible for your own healing


    Understand your mindset and create a congruent values driven life from the heart. 

    If only you could tune in to the quiet space within and trust your innate wisdom.

    The truth is you don’t have to struggle alone thinking you’re going crazy or nuts while your intuition is on overdrive, you can find a guided space to listen in and find confirmation of your vision. 

     Your Soul Alignment Retreat

    A space to find the courage to fulfil your soul mission and trust your inner voice. Facilitated by Sunita, experienced medium, healer and mindset coach: the retreat will take you on a transformational healing journey. Imagine spending a time away in Bali where your daily purpose is to discover and explore personal healing, inner clarity and connection to your inner compass.

    E, Perth

    I started working with Sunita 18 months ago. I have completed spiritual growth workshops and coaching in this time. During this time I have felt growth in all facets of my life. I have broken belief systems and healed in such a way that I feel the world has opened up in a way I’d never imagined. Sunita is a wonderful coach and you won’t regret beginning a journey of growth and self discovery with her.

    Shae, Perth

    Over the past 2yrs almost I’ve been doing spiritual coaching classes with Sunita. In this time she has helped me dig through many layers, figuring out what i want for myself, growth, spirituality and what makes me happy rather than relying on outside influences. In this time she has taught me many techniques to help me get answers and to work through what life throws at me. Sunita is amazing in many ways, she’s caring but gets you to where you need to go at the same time catering things for different people.

    Noni K, Perth

    Working with Sunita and doing her coaching for the last 18 months has been a godsend. I have been able to look at the world with a fresh pair of eyes. From changing my beliefs to understanding what and why, I have attracted in my life. The beauty of Sunita’s coaching is there is no judgement she gives you perspective from an outsiders point of view also with the help of her mediumship skills she always knows where to guide you. I have had numerous compliments about how I’m glowing and my outlook on life has changed. I could not recommend Sunita’s coaching, psychic and numerology reading highly enough.

    Join The Soul Alignment Retreat: 5th March 2020


    Retreat Options

    Attending a retreat is a personal journey of growth and discovery. When we embark on a spiritual journey it should embody all aspects of who we are:

    • mind body
    • emotional body
    • physical body
    • spirit body

    The Soul Alignment Retreat is broken down into 2 parts to cover the above 4 aspects:

    Part 1: Calibrating Your Mindset : 2 days


    Part 2: Connecting to Your Spiritual Flow : 5 days 

    The Complete Soul Alignment Retreat: Part 1 and 2 with a rest day and BONUSES 

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    The Complete Soul Alignment Retreat

    Part 1: Calibrating Your Mindset

    You will have heard the term "mindset is everything"; and it is totally true. This part of the retreat looks at your what is happening with you on the 4 planes of existence:

    • mentally 
    • emotionally
    • physically
    • spiritually

    Sunita works with each individual to assess and help uncover the blocks affecting you in your life right now that are stopping you from moving forward. These blocks will be impacting you accessing your intuitive flow and vision.

    Part 2: Connecting to Your Spiritual Flow

    A rest day is included to recalibrate you before we begin the journey into higher planes of consciousness and where we delve into the metaphysical:

    • intuitive and psychic flow through the feminine divine
    • embodiment of our true essence
    • mediumship and spiritual healing exploration
    • looking into our patterns and stories
    • delving into Archetypes
    • exploring and uncovering your gifts
    • becoming congruent when you get back home
    • uncovering your individual spiritual practices 

    What's in the Retreat Package?

    8 Retreat days & 7 nights: 5th - 12th March 2020


    • 7 nights accommodation
    • 7 days of breakthrough training (PLUS 1 rest day). You will need to arrive at least the day before to settle in, please talk to us about the extra night accomodation
    • Transfers to and from accomodation to Denpasar Airport
    • Wholefood breakfast and lunch
    • Rest and rejuvenate day: enjoy your BONUS gift spa day with plenty of options to spoil you and nurture you!
    • Time off: enjoy the rest of the day off to explore Ubud
    • take home gifts
    • plus more

    What's not included:

    • Travel costs to and from your home to Bali
    • Training starts early on Day 1 - we suggest you arrive on Wednesday and we can help your extra night accomodation at the Centre if you need it - PLEASE LET US KNOW
    • Tips to staff at the retreat venue
    • Personal spending money
    • Food and drinks purchased outside of breakfast and lunch including snacks and dinner
    • Additional activities
    • Any relevant visa requirements - CLICK HERE to see visa requirements for Bali 

    Retreat goodness will include...

    • Using psychic, energetic and healing exercises  to find the blocks 
    • Releasing old wounds and traumas
    • Mindset strategies to help you clear blocks using neurolinguistic programming (NLP) techniques 
    • Using ancient spiritual practices to create a deeper connection to you 
    • Exploring your intuition, psychic ability, mediumship and healing
    • Reflective time to ensure you are working towards your Mission Strategy to take home with you
    • 1:1 attention

    Bonus inclusions:

    • Daily physical body work: yoga, dance or movement
    • Daily meditation and attunement
    • Full Moon ceremony 
    • Chanting and blessing session
    • Retreat goody bag
    • Full Spa day as your BONUS rest day 

    This was me before I met Sunita...😂 yes I was an avid traveller for a thirst for adventure but there was also a huge part of me running from my problems, which ranged from anxiety, depression, lack of self confidence and above all victim mode. 

    N, Perth

    The retreat is ideal for you if...

    • You are ready to take ACTION and have already worked with Sunita in workshops or coaching
    • You are responsible and accountable for your growth and journey
    • You are ready to work in an environment that stretches you 
    • You are already doing some personal/spiritual growth work and want to delve deeper
    • You are open to or seeking soul, generational and DNA healing.

    The retreat is NOT for you if...

    • You are not fully committed to your own growth and healing 
    • You are not open to spiritual concepts 
    • You are not ready to work experientially and be an active participant in your journey
    • You are not ready to face your challenges (and that's ok too)

    About Sunita

    Sunita, Medicine Woman, comes from a generational line of mediums and healers as well as being an experienced trainer and mindset coach. She understand the importance of balancing the logical and emotional mind. Her expertise is in helping you to understand how YOUR mind and intuition works and which areas you require help in to achieve breakthroughs and results in areas you are struggling in. 

    She combines knowledge and wisdom to bring you Medicine to connect you to deeper aspects of you you have been afraid to go into. True balance is understanding our Light and Shadow and living with them not denying them. 

    She has a strong passion for working with people including mentoring and training. She spent many years educating herself and training in NLP techniques (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Mindset Coaching and Counselling. Her work includes working with the coaching model of belief systems, values and goals. As well as the intuitive arts such as Yoga, healing, mediumship, the chakra systems, our light and shadow aspects, archetypes, the tarot and esoteric numerology. 

    Spiritual growth affects each of us in different ways, ultimately people just want to be connected and feel joy in their life.


    As well as being present emotionally, mentally and physically; you are making a financial commitment to being at the Retreat. All costs include:

    • 8 days and 7 nights 
    • cost of training
    • costs are for shared beds and rooms  (single rooms available at an extra cost)
    • daily breakfast and lunch 
    • bonuses and gifts
    • incursions
    • full day spa experience


    SPECIAL 2020 RELEASE TRAINING ONLY COSTS $2399. Find your own accomodation.


    Samyama Mindful Centre Rooms:

    • 1 ROOM AVAILABLE with shared queen bed in private room, shared bathroom $2799 pp
    • AVAILABLE 4 single beds in a dorm, shared bathroom $2399 pp

    (Please note most prices are for shared beds).

    Payment plan options are available (includes Terms & Conditions & Fees*)

    Deposit of 20% required to book your spot.

    Payments must be completed within before the retreat or within 6 months. 

    *Please note images may not be of the actual venue or locations booked. We are seeking the best possible food, spa and accomodation for your stay.