Is stress and overwhelm taking over your life?

There are so many things going through your mind. 

What is the next task that needs to be done at work? What is for dinner? Who is taking my kid to ball practice? Didn't I have to pick something up today? What in the world is she staring at, doesn't she have work to do? Were we supposed to go out for dinner or was I supposed to cook dinner? Was that event at school tonight? I thought I turned in the form. Who is texting me now? Don't they know I don't have time for this right now?

You can't get your thoughts in order, they are all over the place.

Everything has to be perfect and failure is NOT an option! Even if it means you risk your happiness and possibly your health. You keep telling yourself, 'It won't take much time. I can get it done.' 

You are competitive in everything you do. You HATE to lose! Every aspect of your life is a competition. You strive to compete with coworkers at work to get the next job promotion. You are trying to 'keep up with the Joneses' at home and you are about to go bankrupt. You turn everything into a competition even if it doesn't need to be.

When does all of this stop? 

To be determined and have drive can be strengths if used correctly. 

Are you truly living life to the fullest and enjoying each moment or are you just going through the motions? 

Let me help you find your SuperPower and turn it into your ally instead of your enemy. 

Stop being stressed and overwhelmed and enjoy life!

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5 day course to reduce feeling stressed & overwhelmed

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How to Use Your SuperPower

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