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Supporting immunity

Easy ways to help you ward off viruses

We have now entered the ‘flu season’ and this year, more than any other, the threat of viral infection is looming large in all of our lives.

Are you worrying about the consequences of getting ill?

Do you have children at school who seem to catch everything going, and then pass it round the family?

Are you concerned about family members who've been identified as being 'at risk' of viral infection, and want to help them reduce that risk?

Are you anxious about seeing friends or doing the things you love even if they've been deemed safe?

You may have already read how some diet and lifestyle factors can influence how susceptible you are to viral infection or a worse prognosis, but are finding all the information out there a bit confusing.

You know that you could be looking after yourself a bit better, but are finding it hard to prioritise your health with everything else that is going on.

You need simple advice on things that you can do that don't cost the earth - and reasons to implement the changes.

You feel that you want to take practical steps to support your health now.

What you'll learn

  • How we defend ourselves against viruses
  • Five things that effect immune function
  • How reducing stress can improve immune resilience (and stress isn't just the stuff you feel)
  • What to eat to support immunity
  • Why everyone is banging on about vitamin D
  • How small changes can make big differences

You’ll also get tons of top tips on how to implement simple changes into your routine that are cheap (or free), and easy, and do work!

What others say:

"Gemma is very knowledgeable and professional. The talk is informative and  gives easy ways to adjust your eating habits and lifestyle to make improvements to your immune system


"Gemma is very personable. You can tell she really cares about the subject and about improving our knowledge of nutrition. She gave some great tips!'


About the speaker

With one daughter diagnosed with coeliac disease, another with allergies and eczema and having suffered herself with food sensitivities, histamine intolerance and autoimmune issues, Gemma was drawn towards discovering how food and lifestyle could impact the immune system. Using diet and supplements alongside more conventional medications she was able to improve her digestive health, itching, joint aches and underlying fatigue, and support her family better.

Gemma is now a nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner specialising in food reactivity and immune health. She helps adults who feel they are intolerant to foods gain clarity on what they are reacting to and why, addressing any factors that are exacerbating their reactivity, whilst helping them broaden their diet. She is also currently supporting clients who have experienced long-tail COVID, and working hard to minimise the consequences of viral infection in her own home.

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