Six week programme - Spring 2021

Supporting immunity

Easy ways to help you ward off viruses

Instead of constantly worrying about viral illness, how would you like to dedicate some time to supporting your underlying health, and reducing your risk of getting ill?

Are you worrying about the consequences of getting sick?

Do you seem to catch everything going round?

Are you in an at-risk group for viral illness, and would like to find out  about natural ways that you can improve your resilience?

Are you aware there are things that you could be doing to support your health, but are not sure where to start?

Do you know that you could be looking after yourself a bit better, but are finding it hard to prioritise your health?

Do you want simple advice on things that you can do that don't cost the earth - and reasons to implement the changes?

Do you want support from a qualified nutritionist and a group of like-minded people to help you achieve your goals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, and want to take practical steps to support your health now then this course is for you.

What we'll work on

Each week we will focus on a different area of my framework for immune harmony:

  • Digest - Your immune system needs many nutrients to function properly. Can you digest and absorb these?

  • Calm - Chronic stress can inhibit the immune system - we'll work on ways to reduce physiological stress through diet, and to rebalance your nervous system.

  • Connect - By connecting to the day/night cycle you can help improve your sleep and reduce susceptibility to infection.

  • Balance - The bacteria residing within us can help protect us from infection - but if they are out of balance they can exacerbate inflammation. How can we best support them so they work for not against us?

Throughout the programme you will get tips on how best to nourish your body to promote immune resilience.

The details:

Every Monday you will get access to a video outlining the week's topic as well as a workbook with challenges for the week ahead

Each week there will be a live Q&A session via Zoom to answer any questions that you might have about the topic or the challenges (time to be decided)

You will have access to a private Facebook group for the duration of the course, where you can post how you are getting on, ask questions, and get support from the group

Gemma was fantastic to work with. She is very knowledgeable and able to impart information in an accessible ways. She sympathizes with your situation, gives encouragement and support when needed and provides factual information when asked. The course definitely made me more mindful about the way we eat , not just what we eat. I found that overall my diet isn't so bad, but realized how important other factors are, like sleep! Now I want to put it all into practice over the coming months.

Emma, Addlestone

This was an excellent quick course to meet people and learn from each other. Gemma's gentle videos and full explanation in the workbooks made it easier for me to learn the way I like to. My energy crashes and sweet needs are just disappearing and have loved reinstating some ME time and a sleep routine for myself.

Allyson, Poole

About your coach

With one daughter diagnosed with coeliac disease, another with allergies and eczema and having suffered herself with food sensitivities, histamine intolerance and autoimmune issues, Gemma was drawn towards discovering how food and lifestyle could impact the immune system. Using diet and supplements alongside more conventional medications she was able to improve her digestive health, itching, joint aches and underlying fatigue, and support her family better.

Gemma is now a nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner specialising in food reactivity and immune health. She helps adults who feel they are intolerant to foods gain clarity on what they are reacting to and why, addressing any factors that are exacerbating their reactivity, whilst helping them broaden their diet. She is also currently supporting clients who have experienced long-tail COVID, and working hard to minimise the consequences of viral infection in her own home.

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