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The grieving process can be discouraging, confusing, and disheartening. For abuse survivors, grieving a traumatic past brings up an endless supply of emotions that can be difficult to sit with and work through. 

Each stage brings it's own unique set of challenges, but also an opportunity for self-compassion and growth.

I created this resource for you, Friend. What you are experiencing is real, but that doesn't mean that all Hope is lost.

Join me as we work through all of the emotions that come with grief, and look forward to a feeling of Acceptance and an outlook of HOPE for the future we desperately seek.

About the Author

Matthew Pappas, CLC

Matt is a Certified Life Coach at - he works with clients to help them overcome the anxiety in their life and with trauma survivors who are navigating daily life in the wake of a past full of pain and suffering. 

His passion is that each person never feels alone in their struggles, and is able to embrace a feeling of hope and a sense of empowerment as they reach for the life they so desperately want and deserve, regardless of their past. 

"Helping You Move Forward, from What Holds You Back!

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