12 weeks to a more sustainable lifestyle

Learn how to create a greener life that fits YOU and makes you feel PROUD

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Trying to live sustainably can be HARD but it doesn't have to be. On my 12-week programme you will get clear on what you can achieve, how to make the biggest difference and start feeling PROUD about your lifestyle.

Learn how to prioritise where you spend your time, money and energy, so it doesn’t feel like it’s a hassle or unaffordable.

This is for you if:

✔️  You want to reduce your impact on the environment but aren't sure where to start

✔️  You've already made some positive changes to your lifestyle but aren't sure what to do next

✔️  You want to live a greener life but feel like you don't have enough money, time or energy

✔️  You want to stop feeling overwhelmed by the challenge of living more sustainably

✔️  You're tired of feeling guilty about all the things that you're not able to do (yet!)

✔️  You want to get clear on what you can achieve and PROUD about your lifestyle


I’m Steph Mullen, blogger and coach at Striving for Simple. I’m here to help you get started - or back on track - with your sustainable living journey.

I’ve been encouraging and motivating others to live more sustainably, in a way that works for them, through my blog and social media since 2017. Before that, I was often finding myself the 'go to' person for my friends and family when they had questions about specific aspects of sustainable living, from eco-friendly cleaning products to avoiding palm oil. It was always a pleasure to help - more than that actually - it's my passion!

After years of trying to move past eco-guilt and figure out how the hell I was going to make a difference in the world, I eventually figured out what was most important to me, stopped comparing myself to others and started setting - and achieving - realistic, meaningful goals. I now feel clear about what I‘m working towards and proud about my lifestyle.

I want to help you get there too - but in a matter of weeks, where it took me years.

"I've been doing quite a lot to reduce my impact for years now and thought I'd hit a cost/practicality barrier (i.e. can't afford solar panels, don't have a garden for growing veg, etc) but Steph really helped me to realise what's most important to me personally and what I can realistically do."

- Emily Forster


I believe that reducing our impact on the planet shouldn't be reserved for those with a high income. We all need to do what we can and everyone should be given the opportunity to receive support if they need it.

To help as many people as possible, I’ve decided to offer my programme on a pay-as-you-feel basis. This is not because I feel my time, skills and experience are not worth being paid for - quite the opposite - but I am choosing to place my trust in you, as I am asking you to place your trust in me.

All I ask is that you pay what you can afford. If that’s less than the guide price (see below), that’s fine. However, if you can afford to, I simply ask that you pay what you truly feel my services will be worth to you. How would it feel to finally feel PROUD about your lifestyle instead of guilty about all the things you're not able to do?

Why pay for something you can get for free?

When we invest in ourselves - especially in self-development - we are immediately more committed and more likely to have a successful outcome.

A significant part of my coaching focuses on how sustainable living should cost less. In my case, it's allowed me to leave my full-time job and spend precious time with my 2-year-old daughter. This wouldn't have been possible without the significant savings made by leading a more simple and sustainable lifestyle. Consider this an investment of both time and money that you can recoup - and then some!

Guide price

This is a 12-week programme, including 8 one-to-one sessions (via phone), plus weekly communication and support as needed (via email). 

The guide price is £306 (save yourself 15% when you pay in full) or 3 monthly instalments of £120. Think of the guide price as an average amount paid by a middle-income-earner. Please pay what you can and what you feel my support is worth to you.. 

My promise to you

Whatever you decide to pay for my programme, I promise to be 100% committed to supporting you achieve your goals and move forward on your sustainable living journey.

Grab your seat now

I only work with a small number of people at any one time, so that I can put my all into supporting my clients to succeed. To work with me, book your introductory call now 

"The idea that lots of little changes are valuable and add up to big changes appealed to me. Making a big change all at once feels overwhelming. You helped me benchmark where I am and then look at what I can do next. You made me realise that the changes I've already made haven't felt too difficult, so it will be just as easy to keep making more changes."

- Christine Minott

Start living your greener life today

I offer a free 30-minute introduction call to all new clients. This gives us a chance to make sure that we’re a good fit for one another and to explore what you hope to achieve. It's a chance for you to ask me any questions you have about coaching and how I can help you. It's really informal and nothing to worry about - just think of it as a chat between friends.

To help me prepare for your introduction call, there are a few questions for you to answer during the booking process. This should take 5-10 minutes.

During your free call, if we decide that we’re a good fit and want to go ahead, I'll send you a link to make your payment and book your first session.

Ready to start feeling PROUD?